Personal Musings: 4/5/12…

Ahh, what a day…

Indeed, what a day.  8AM morning wake ups are always that way though and I really wish that class didn’t require me to get up so early either due to the several hour gap in between classes. The upside to said gap is that it gives me time to work on homework and/or blog posts.  Depending on which is higher priority.  Other than that, today went pretty darn well.  I’m also quite a bit ahead of my homework list for once.  Shocking, I know.  Did it so I could work on personal projects over the weekend as much as I could.  I’ve also started running when I walk though I only pulled out .5 miles before the psycho weather decided “Hey, you like Rain?”.  Yes, I know, I shouldn’t worry about melting but getting sick right now would be really foul timing and just unwanted.  Still, managed to get a good sweat going in that short of a run.  Tomorrow should go better and longer and apparently the weekend is going to be really nice weather.

Published my review of Section 8: Prejudice tonight.  Glad to get that game out and done, the next couple of reviews should be very fun to do.  Also need to work on another blog’s postings and more things.  My life just never is not busy eh?

EA got dragged through the mud today…and tbh, I don’t have much to say about it.  The DLC to “fix” the ending is just not really worth any words and I wish them luck, but it won’t salvage some of the unhappy feeling directed at them.  They also got blasted and rated the worst company in the USA, though I can think of a few that are worse.  And there are a few other things, but I just don’t feel like talking about them tonight.  Much of it is well deserved tbh and EA should have seen this coming.  Granted, its all meaningless until people actually quit buying their dang games, because the message right now is: “Its ok to make bad games, we’ll keep buying them by the millions”.

So you might have noticed some comments about the whole Instagram showing up on Droid OS.  Here is an article that can explain the situation far better than I can.  Wow…It is amazing how stupid the fanboys of the Apple community got when Droid got “their” app.  Many comments were telling anyone who was an android user to stay out.  Just for the record, I am glad to see cross-platform apps like this, it means more people can join in on the fun.  Exclusivity to one side or the other is not the long term future of mobile for app developers.  And if you follow me on Instagram, I am not going to ask whether you have a droid/iOS phone, that is silly, stupid, shallow and idiotic.  And idiotic.  If I haven’t made my point, it is idiotic.  Its amazing how much drama this app has created and I really hope that if you participated in blasting the droid crowd that you feel slightly ashamed for being such an elitist over a camera app.  Granted, its doubtful any of those people read my blog, I’m not apple hardcore enough heh.  😉  In any case, I welcome any new Droid users and hope you enjoy the sharing app just as much as I have.

No pic today either (sorry sorry sorry, I’ll have one tomorrow :)).

And with that, I think I’m done.  I wanted to talk about more but I am really rather tired and my writing is starting to suffer.  So I hope you all have a good day and I will talk to you soon.


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