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My original review of Section 8: Prejudice.

September 29th, 2015 Editor’s note: This review was originally published back in 2012 when I was still finding my feet with reviewing. It’s not great. However, I’m refusing to do more than fix some glaring problems as the game is no longer functioning and I would frankly rather spend my time on other reviews. You can read my updated Steam review here.

Thanks to MoonshineFox for gifting me Section 8: Prejudice (and DLC).

Section 8: Prejudice is a sequel game to the original Section 8 FPS developed by TimeGate Studios. Its a sci-fi universe where two factions, the 8th Armored Infantry and the Arm of Orion are battling it out for control.

S8 was a nice change of pace for me. The universe is a bit different and they tried some interesting new mechanics to differentiate itself among the overcrowded FPS crowd. I liked that you deployed from some ship in the high atmosphere, coming down and landing on a player standing still, giving you a satisfying feeling. They also tried to prevent snipers from being the overpowered class by making it impossible to ever one-shot someone at full health.  I also liked that you could really customize your character in many different ways to change your role and how you could play in the game.  The game is quite good to look at, with the graphics and areas you fight in looked detailed and interesting. It was unique to see in ice maps that your helmet would frost up and your guns looked iced over.  They had some great ideas for this game and implemented them well.



That being said, the single player campaign is fairly basic, I didn’t complete the campaign but it was just a standard campaign from what I could tell and mostly just helped me get used to the game’s controls and shooter system. So in other words, its a very fancy tutorial.  Whilesniper rifles weren’t ridiculously OP as they can be in some FPS games, snipers still verged on being too powerful. The AI in this game is ok at best. They aren’t dumb as a rock, but they also don’t do a lot of things like avoid being shot or sneak up behind you when you least expect it. They tend to be just brutes on the battlefield but they are usable which is good considering how much of the game uses the AI in it.

My overall enjoyment with the game was refreshingly interesting. Multiplayer is fairly well balanced. The main meat of the game, conquest, was challenging enough, requiring you to try and take over as many as four bases at once and I enjoyed the style of gameplay. The different team-based missions that would crop up in each match at random intervals kept the game moving at a good pace and prevented games from turning into turtle matches. The gun play was solid and rewarding though a bit limiting on variety of weapons.

Finding servers in this game and general match making is a terrible experience in this game. While you can join your friends in their respective games fairly easily through GFWL, finding certain servers, not so much. Sometimes the search will not find the server after trying several times and then will eventually find it. Its hard to tell what exactly is causing the issue, but if you care about joining certain servers, this won’t be the game to choose. S8 comes with Games for Windows Live and hopefully this is the first and last game I have to deal with it. GFWL is just not fun to use and I wish developers would quit including it in their games. Had I not been playing with friends from the beginning, I would not have gotten S8 just because GFWL was in the game.



As far as developer support, the game seems to have very little as there hasn’t been any new content or patches since I got the game. This seems to have led to the current small community in the game and gives it a stale feeling. It is slightly annoying and unfortunate to see developers abandon multiplayer games such as these. The DLC available for the game adds new weapons and maps to the base game. They are not strictly necessary to play the game, but if you find you enjoy the game, they might be worth the price of admission, though I would wait until they are on sale.  I wouldn’t rate it the best DLC, but I’ve paid for far worse DLC in the past.

That aside, I feel like Section 8: Prejudice is over for me, finished, complete. I have no compulsion to return to the game but enjoyed the time that I was in it. Coming back just to refresh my memory for the review wasn’t worth it and just didn’t leave me wanting more. The universe and game was refreshing and different in the crowd of FPSes and I’m glad to see developers try out new game mechanics. Its a pity they just didn’t stick with the game more. For the most part, its a solid game.

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