Personal Musings: 4/3/12…

The Winds are changing…

Today has been quite the day.  I got two interviews happened for jobs!  How, well, shocking was that bit.  To suddenly have interviews to two jobs just seemed so out of left field I feel like I should pinch myself.  But I can’t celebrate anything yet, I still have to get the jobs first before I do anything that drastic.  So the winds seem to be changing, and I really hope I get at least one of these jobs.  More information soon as I can make it available.

Meanwhile, this video showed up in my sub box tonight while I was writing this.  Wow, I mean, Lindsey is terrific but this guy is just as terrific.  Definitely one of the best versions of the Skyrim theme I’ve heard so far.  Give it a listen.  🙂  Always great to see such awesome creations on YouTube.

I’m getting back into the swing of Spring term and its going well.  Definitely better than Winter started out.  Granted, I haven’t done jack squat, its mostly rules and what the classes will be doing in Spring term so yeah.  Oh well.  Still going to kick butt.

Its going pretty good considering I’ve added new “jobs” like more posts for my blog and a new Let’s Play series.  Due to the whole job thing I’m pushing episode three to Saturday and may or may not release episode four the same day.  I still haven’t rewatched the footage to take a look at what I did so it really depends on whether I think its good enough to watch.  We shall see.  I’m hoping to have quite a few reviews out this week that are overdue to get done.  We shall also see, it all depends on how this week works out.

Otherwise, I didn’t really see much to talk about tech wise.   Well, except that Instagram is now available for all you Android users.  Go look it up on the Google Play store, if your looking for a simple photo sharing app with some interesting editing abilities.  I like to play around with it and take pics from time to time.  You can find me on Instagram under, well, guess what: kingisaaclinksr.  Heh.  Other than that, there was a lack of anything interesting.

Gaming wise, A Valley Without Wind has been pushed back to April 23rd for its 1.0 release. However, AVWW is available as a public BETA right now and they will be at Pax if your at all interested in going to that this month.  I think if I went to any convention, it would be that one at this point.  But alas, that is future-future stuff.

Until next time, I hope you all have a good evening!



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