Personal Musings: 4/2/12…

The first day of Spring…

Gotta love breathing in the first day of Spring.  Well, first day of spring term in college anyway.  Actually, the weather was really nice today, it was rather surprising.  As far as school went, it was one class and it was over before I knew it.  Tomorrow is substantially longer.  But I’m confident that I’ll be fine.  Today was mostly based around assembling my todo list for the term, fixing a few dates on the calendar and just getting ready in general.  I do this every term just so I can stay ahead of the curve.  You gotta do what you need to do :).

In gaming news, best announcement ever for the month of April, the game: Orcs Must Die 2 is coming this summer with all sorts of goodies.  I reviewed OMD back in January.  I was rather surprised to hear that it was coming out so soon too.  But its coming with all new traps, new fortresses to defend, more Orcs to kill in many different ways and Co-op!  That was the one thing I had wished was in the original review and while it may only be one other player, that is still better than solo play.  🙂  I am looking forward to sinking my teeth into that when I get the chance.

Tech wise, there is a lot hubbub about Facebook and employers demanding access to employees accounts and several people have been fired for non-compliance to their employers.  I think I’ve talked about it before in a personal musings, but its just really wrong.  Its like asking for your email account, to look into your wallet/purse, to, well quite simply invade your privacy.

Meanwhile, this is how you can act like the least classy CEO of a very successful game:  I think at this point I’ll just let the article and actions speak for themselves.  Though I find the CEO’s “apology” and clarification at the end of the article to not be sincere.  It was a bad PR move and he should have been the better man.  Sniping at the guy who left just makes him look bad and promoting a bad situation to sell a game was a bad move too.  I should also mention that it has been reported that Draw Something is starting to lose daily users at a rather rapid pace.  Whoops, Zynga might end up regretting this buying decision indeed.

Other gaming stuff, I’ve been doing more BETA-testing for A Valley Without Wind which results in its typical bugs that I seem to bring out of beta tests.  Heh.  Still, its a fun game and I’ll have a review of that up sometime soon.  I don’t really have much to say, I wasn’t able to do as much as I wanted.

No pictures today, sorry, just didn’t play AVWW long enough to get any.

Until tomorrow then, I wish you all safe travels as you go about your day :).


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