Personal Musings: 3/31/12…

Ahh productivity…

Today was a little less productive than yesterday.  But granted, pushing out five big old posts and a video among everything else I have to do in a day is just not that easy.  Still, I worked on a few posts and pushed out another Let’s Play video.  I’m thinking I’m going to do it twice a week, unless I get too busy then it will be once a week.  This last episode I voiced a female role and…..ergad….just…go watch it. x_x…my opinion is that it sounds really bad, considering I have such a deep voice.  Idk, thoughts?

Beyond that, I looked for a job as always and all sorts of fun and interesting things ;).

Gaming I just played Tribes Ascend again.  No pic, though I’ll share an Instagram photo I took on my walk below.  Today I played a soldier and more Juggernaut bombardment runs.   I did pretty good, got some more multikills, though I had a few frustrating games thrown in there.  All in all though, I’m still having fun.  Which is the important thing.  I’m definitely feeling at home in the Juggernaut now.  Other than that, not much else to talk about.

News wise, I looked, just not much being talked about.  Granted, its the weekend so all forms of news is just slower for whatever reason.  Never quite got why to be honest.

Otherwise, for me, I feel better, I look at Spring Term with a lot less dread than I did Winter, even if there are a few nasty barriers in the way.  This term I’m going to turn things around and dropkick my procrastinating self out the window.  Well, that’s the plan anyway.  That and a few new health-oriented things to get myself in shape.  I want to turn things around.  So yeah…

Tomorrow I shall be taking the day completely off in preparation for the new Spring term and the fact that if I publish anything it won’t be taken seriously so I figured, might as well just take the day off.  😉  Please, watch my Let’s Play, read my reviews and I’ll see you all on Monday.


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