Personal Musings: 3/30/12…

Productive…I was…o_O

Ok, yeah, today was a catch up for my blog.  Which means quite a few tweets/G+ posts about what I’ve done.   This post being the 5th post for today with two full reviews.  These reviews have been sitting there for a couple weeks now so I wanted to a duo-review in one night to start catching up.  The fact that they were both Tower defense genre was coincidental.  ;).

Job wise, I’ve got something going this summer, more than likely.  I’m being purposely vague, but I’m hopeful.  And there is another possibility I’m going after for Spring term so if it all works out…well, then maybe this will all turn around.  But these aren’t set in stones so I’m being carefully optimistic.  Here’s hoping….being jobless is what’s currently stressing me out, even more than college finals ever did.  Heh.

So I’m going to be publishing broken reviews and this will be the last “new” thing to arrive to my blog for a while.  As it is, I’ve got such a variety of content to publish to this blog that I’m good as it is.  hehe.  I’ve already talked about it so go read in the post about them.  First one should be up tomorrow, its already mostly written, I’ve just got a few final edits to put on it.

My new Let’s Play…this let’s play is stretching myself in a lot of different ways.  I’m not a voice actor and to publish a YouTube video as “professional” with some voice acting, well, that’s just very different for me.  I’ve gotten to learn quite a bit about video editing in this process so if nothing else, this Let’s Play will bring me that experience.  And I’m happy with that…oh and I’ll let you in on something, I get to voice a female character next episode.  I haven’t re-listened to the audio since I recorded it yet, but…it should be…..interesting…considering how deep my voice is.  As I said, this LP is pushing my abilities quite a bit in new ways.   o_O  But I’m enjoying it so far.  I hope you guys are too.  I really like being creative and it only feels like recently that I’ve been really able to flex those muscles.

Gaming wise, I only played Tribes Ascend today.  As I said, I was being productive so not a lot of gaming.  I did fairly ok today, I got a nice streak going in the first game and then I just stumbled for the rest of the games afterwards, like I jinxed myself x_x.  Except for one game where I got some nice bombardment runs going.  I’ve been playing the Juggernaut class and I think I’ve got the class nicely figured out.  I can survive for the longest time too, but getting kills is still a lot of missing.  Oh well, time and practice will help.  If you wish to join, just hit me up on Steam.

News wise, I haven’t seen much to talk about.  It seems to be focused on Mass Effect 3, Apple’s latest screwup about International 4G on its new iPad which I guess I could talk about that.  The tl;dr is, certain countries outside of the US were promised via marketing for the New iPad that the 4G would work in their countries.  This was later found to be not quite as true and Apple got taken to court over it.  Honestly, I wish Apple, Samsung, AT&T, Verizon and the rest of them that used similar marketing schemes, got sued over 4G and how overblown and worthless that service really is.  Once you leave big cities, your down to 3G at best, no signal at worst.  Heck, I’m still having 3G troubles in certain cities despite it being “under coverage”.  Idk, the marketing these companies have been doing…just makes me shake my head.  And that’s not even considering the fact that 4G, at its best, is not even 4G speeds technically.  Oh well…

Today has been a good day, despite the rain and I’m feeling pretty good about my chances.  Glad I got this Spring break vacation, despite the lackluster job search.

I hope you are all well and I’ll talk to you again soon!


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