Personal Musings: 3/21/12…

Busy busy busy….

Its never ending, this constant todo list.  *sigh*, but I manage.  Heck, I’m starting this personal musing writing a bit late and I had to delay my review of Call of Pripyat, but its coming along.

Yesterday I had my presentation for my project which I got 29/30 on.  Which kinda shocked me.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m good but the GTF even warned the class that the teacher is hard on grading these projects the professor does for every class and that very few people get 30/30, and apparently no one did last term at the very least with very few getting a 29.  And so on.  I guess my partner and I were one of the few to get it this term.  Ok, yeah it was a good job, I guess I just didn’t expect it.  It easily solidifies passing the class for me, that’s for sure, what grade it will be, a A or B remains to be seen.  It shouldn’t be a C…but I guess its uncertain until the prof submits grades.  Which should be soon…

Job hunt wise, well, not much at all.  Man I’m tired of this.  This snow won’t help me either.

News wise, well, Bioware responded to complaints.  Yeah, I know, I know, I wasn’t going to talk about ME3 again in a Personal musing but it would be unfair to not hear their side of the argument.  I’ve always tried to hear both sides of the argument and granted, a lot of it has been coming from me.  So there it is.  My opinion is that half of it is PR-speak but the other half seems sincere.  Its just a pity that things are basically far too late to change at this point.  My opinion is that we as a consumer have a right to demand the highest quality, but we do not have the right to ask Bioware to change the ending of ME3.  Not to mention, it would likely make things worse for them, not better.  It is my opinion that they could add in some free DLC to address some of the complaints as an apology.  But that’s unlikely to happen…

I sorta kept an eye on tech news today and man was it slow and dull.  The biggest thing is the “heat-gate” controversy (Can we just kill the “-gate” thing already?  Its stupid) on the iPad 3.  Its a bit surprising that its having heat issues to be honest.  I’ve had my iPad 2 for a long while now and I can only manage to get it to feel warm to the touch if its in direct sunlight for a while or I played Infinity Blade 2 for several hours straight.  Which I don’t do anymore so its usually cool.  So its interesting…its probably a combination of the retina screen and new GPU.  Which in a fanless tech I suppose that had to happen sooner or later.  Anyway, other than that I didn’t see much of interest in the tech news.

Looking out my window as I write this and its 33 degrees and snowing pretty hard.  If any of that snow that melted freezes tomorrow, its going to make my next final troublesome just getting there.  We shall see what happens tomorrow I suppose…erk.  At this point, its likely my final will get delayed several hours.  Which is hardly the worst thing to happen ;).

Anyway, talk to you later!


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