Personal Musings: 3/16/12…

The calm after the storm…

Ahh, finally, it finally feels like I’m getting ahead of college for once.  Today was spent concentrating on finishing up the last project I had for a class and spent a good long while with my partner finishing it up.  So very glad to have pwned that project into the ground four days ahead of schedule.  Granted, we may still have something come up if the GTF emails us or something, but for now, it should be all good.  (I asked for feedback on a few things from the GTF).  Other than that, yesterday was my last class of Spring term.  All I have left is a final and a very short presentation next week and then its the 1.5 weeks of Spring Break!  Pity I won’t be able to do anything crazy though…going to be focused on working on some rather important life stuff.  Yay….

Job wise, I tried for a position today and well, we’ll see.  It wasn’t really an interview due to conflicts so at this point, it will be up to my resume being up to par.  I’m cautious about being enthusiastic at this point.  I tried and got excited about a really good job for me once and I got the door shut in my face on that one.  :(.  There’s nothing I can do at this point but wait and see.  Waiting and seeing…

Gaming wise, nothing to report beyond some S.T.A.L.K.E.R. play yesterday when I took a break.  I’ll probably do some more tonight.  As always, going to will let you see my latest screenshots of my escapades in the game.  🙂  Favorite below:

A blowout went off before I headed to Pripyat and when I stepped outside, I was greeted to this.  Its very pretty.

On a news note, well, be warned, rant ahead.  So you probably, idk, remember the three-part-posting on why I’m not buying Mass Effect 3 right?  Well, EA just pushed the wrong button again with the latest release of Flight Control’s sequel.  Flight Control rocket for iOS.  I used to like these developers, but it seems that EA ultimately corrupted them when they bought them out.  The game is priced currently $0.99 with “optional” in-app purchases aka Freemium model.  Real cute EA.  REAL CUTE.  Hells bells, I even took a look at the Mass Effect iOS game and it has the same strategy as well, just a lot more costly at $5.99 and THEN the in-app-purchases.  At this point, I don’t know if I’ll ever buy another game again on iOS.  It seems like every game that is published is at least $5.99 with an optional “Freemium” feature inside the game.  Its sad to see how successful these games are now and how willing the iOS crowd is into buying them.  For crying out loud, I can understand Freemium, but now Fre-Premium games?  Cmon people.  Cmon.  And I’m just as mad at the fact that I supported this model when I bought Infinity Blade 2.  That was a mistake and I shouldn’t have done that.  But cmon, when I buy a game, I want to buy the game, not buy half a game and then have to pay for the rest through “optional” Freemium models.  ITS DISGUSTING AND I’M TIRED OF IT AND IT NEEDS TO STOP ALREADY.   At this point, I’m glad I’m boycotting EA and the rest of its titles.  It’ll make me less unhappy whenever I see the next game to come out of Popcap and all the EA-related crap that will have.  I really hope they don’t ruin the Plants VS Zombie sequel…but as I said, Origin-only and I ignore it.  *sigh*


Just a note, this will be the last early personal musings published for a while.  I’ve just been publishing them early so I could concentrate on other things so I’ll eventually return to my usual routine of publishing them “late”.  I don’t quit like doing them early, but lately been too tired to do them before sleep so I’ve been writing them earlier for that reason.  Also noticed that I’ve been writing personal musings pretty quickly so I’m hopeful when I get back to writing some reviews/thoughts this weekend that I’m able to write them faster.  We shall see.  I had to delay some reviews (again) due to school really kicking my butt.  What can I say, school has priority I’m afraid.  blegh.

Other than that, my day was actually quite good.  I hope yours was too and I’ll see you soon hopefully with a few nice blog posts!  Keep your swords sharp.


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