Personal Musings: 3/14/12…

Tests and Progress…

Another productive day of running around trying to get things studied and words memorized and etc for Spanish finals. Having two tests on two different days just isn’t fun and my brain is going muy loco on me x_x. But tomorrow is the last class for Spanish 102 and I’ll have a break from it for two weeks before going right back into it with Spanish 103. Erk. I’m feeling pretty confident about the class as a whole though. Oh and the test too, feeling pretty darn confident about it. Just hoping I didn’t screw up something and didn’t realize it X_X. That is the worst part about tests, the worrying afterwards. Oh well, I have to work on tomorrow’s regardless so ONWARD. I’m feeling pretty good about the term as a whole, I just can’t screw up the project and final next week, but I don’t think I will. Other than that, nothing much I can talk about school wise, unless you want a more detailed list of what I studied. I thought not. đŸ˜‰

Job wise I was able to submit applications/resumes to several businesses. I’m a little iffy on my chances, but I guess that’s to be expected considering my success ratio here as of late. I’ve been putting my Corkulous app through its paces as well to help me with the job hunt. One of these days I’ll have to put up a picture of what I’m doing with it. I’m also pursuing another lead on a possible job…can’t say much though. It would just be really nice to get the job. So here’s hoping!

I didn’t read anything of particular note to talk about today. Been a slow news day. Other than Google’s +1 button changed its look and I don’t really like the change. It just looks odd, too used to the previous button I guess. Google+….that’s another topic for another day perhaps.

On a Netflix side note, I’ve been watching Futurama the past couple of weeks. I don’t get it. I mean, I don’t get why I like the show. But I’ve laughed quite a bit and the comedy is pretty good without going into the extreme discomfort zone that its peers such as Family Guy have done. So I picked up Futurama with some hesitation but I had heard quite a bit about the Scifi comedy show so I figured, what the heck, give it a shot. And six seasons later I’m still watching lol. Go figure. I know its made by the same guy who created Simpsons, which I never much cared for that show, no particular reason, the comedy just never hit home. I think the sci-fi blend in this show keeps it amusing anyway. Also been watching the occasional Farscape when I’m in the mood. Netflix’s usage always spikes for me around finals. So does Pandora usage. Must be a connection…. Heh.

Main reason I’m talking about Netflix is because I haven’t done any gaming since my last personal musing so…I’m dry on subjects x_x…

Oh well, hope you enjoyed my ramblings tonight. Talk to you soon!


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