Personal Musings: 3/12/12…

Another day come and gone…

Hard to believe that weekend came and by like that.  Hard to believe Monday went that quickly.  Erk.  Oh, don’t me wrong, it was a very productive weekend.  (Except for Saturday…that was just….weird).  Today was spent putting the final touches on my Spanish project so that’s pretty much done with.  At least, it will be whenever the professor opens up Blackboard to allow me to upload my Keynote/PPT on it.  Not really worried, once I get the email that its open, I’ll be able to do it.  Until then, I can just sit back and study the crap out of espanol and hope that I can get ready for the “final” this week.  Its not really a final, more like two tests.  Not really my favorite format either for testing.  But, you just gotta do it.  What can I say.

Also worked on another project with my partner today.  We made good progress and as long as things don’t slip up we should easily have it done.  That’s all I have to do for that class too…which is good.  Then its that IT class final next thursday.  Its both convienent and inconvenient to have the test on that date.  Gives me more time to study while at the same time meaning I’m stressed longer x_x….

Nothing new to report on the job front today either.  sigh

There was this video, which I won’t deny, it makes me feel vindicated about my position on Mass Effect 3 and the whole DLC debacle.  This is Bioware’s response on the matter.  Honestly, if that bit about Kasumi is true, then it means that they plan on cutting out parts of the game far in advance of release for sale as DLC.  Which sits even worse with me on the matter.  Thoughts?

Also, yay food!  😉

Over the weekend, I played quite a bit of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat.  If you wish to see the screenshots, head over to this link. My personal favorite is below.  Mostly spent a lot of time cleaning up side quests and finding artifacts in the game.  Now I’m stupidly rich and the two areas I’ve been in so far are basically done.  Sweet.  🙂  Got attacked by a mean bloodsucker and a controller too, though with the controller I strategically retreated.  heh.  I guess next is a mission to get into Pripyat.  That should be very interesting.  Also played some Tribes Ascend, but mostly that just had server problems several times so not much.  Yay for BETAs.

Yeah, its a bit of an odd choice.  But I like trains and I just happened to find this signal while roaming around.  Go check out the rest!  Leave a comment!  🙂

And that’s pretty much the extent of it.  Its going to be a “fun” couple of weeks to be sure.  Finals always are…

Oh, I almost forgot, I updated the Tower of Darkness (click link above as well) and it is now out of “BETA”.  I also updated it with the recent postings I’ve published that fitted the page.  I came up with the picture idea a little while back and I think it works, though I’m almost guessing I’ll have to do some HTML coding to keep it secure.  We will see.  Let me know if it looks weird to you.  I haven’t tested it on mobile devices yet.  I’m also planning on adding more pages soon(tm).  The Tower of Light will also be updated soon(tm) as well, but I still need to figure out the appropriate setup for the page.  So much to do, so little time!  🙂

Until next time, keep your swords sharp!


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