Musings: I will not buy Mass Effect 3: #3…

Musings on the same topic three times now.  It says something that I really liked this game to dedicate so many words to it.  Which makes Bioware’s behavior over Mass Effect 3 all the more worse.  This week has been particularly hard on me because its actually out there for people to play.  I am writing about it again as a review of the past week and the results of the sales of Mass Effect 3….

Previous Musings on Mass Effect 3:

In previous musings I first talked about the Origin-only requirement and why I am not in favor of it.  Then I talked about the Day One DLC and the problems I had with it.  I still stand behind what I said.  And I still haven’t bought or touched Mass Effect 3 since its release, despite having ample opportunity to do so.  Maybe at this point protesting the game is silly or stupid.  Clearly only a few people “making a point” by voting with their wallet won’t do much to change EA’s mind.  But, when I say I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it.  It hasn’t been very easy either, all the trailers, the Twitter, Facebook and Google+ postings tell me I’m pretty much one of the few not buying/playing the game.   And it sucks, not playing what you love.  It really does.  I cannot deny that.  But its the principle of the matter and I’m one of those people that follows his.  For better or worse…oh well.

So some info about this week’s launch of ME3.

Several things were found out about the game after launch.  A good chunk of the From Ashes DLC was already on the disc, so you paid for content that was already included with the game.  Though it was mostly dialogue options for the DLC character and a few other files.  Some unfortunate importing face bugs had also been found.  So here is some info from the declared number of sales by EA in regards to the ME3 launch.

  • 900,000 copies of ME3 were sold on day one.
  • Over 3.5 million copies of ME3 have shipped and probably sold so far.
  • At least 40% of all customers bought the Day One DLC.

This is just for the first week.  By all accounts, this game is a success for EA, disregarding the future sales.  It is rather surprising that the numbers are that high without it being on the Steam store.  It makes you wonder just how much higher those numbers would have been had it also been published on Steam.  But, it seems that despite the Internet outrage, that people will just willingly buy the game and DLC regardless.  That is disappointing to me, but not really all that surprising either.  What can I say, its Mass Effect 3.  A lot of people were likely going to buy it despite this outrage.

So the results are thus:

Origin will continue to be used by customers despite the privacy invasions.  Publishers, including EA, will now feel encouraged to start cutting up the game more and more before launch and selling it as “premium DLC”.  And things will probably continue to get worse from here.  On one hand, I can’t blame EA.  Their customer base just told them that they are fine with premium day-one DLC that should have been included with the original game.  And as a business, it would be stupid to ignore that.  People voted with their wallet by shelling out the cash.  So what happens from here on out is anyone’s guess.  Just realize, that if you bought the game that you encourage this type of behavior.  And you have really no place to complain down the line when more publishers go ahead and do this same, or a possibly greedier strategy.  Especially when you go ahead and support the action anyway.

But what can I really say to the million+ people that bought this game?  Well, all I can say is that I hope you have fun in Mass Effect 3.  I mean that with all my sincerity and no sarcasm/judgment.  It was ultimately your choice and I hope you, the buyer, made an informed choice and decided it was ok.  I’m not going to tell a million people that they chose wrongly, its quite possible that I chose wrongly.  I guess that’s up to me to determine isn’t it.  Heh.

That’s it really.  So until next time guys, I hope you have an enjoyable night of ME3 and I will talk to you again soon.


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