Personal Musings: 3/7/12…


I didn’t think when I started today that it would be quite so chaotic.  Got up early for class, had a meeting, wrote the Musings post, decided classes for next term, posted the Musings, “watched” the Apple Event, went to class, had another meeting, worked on a spanish project, came home and studied some more.  Its been a pretty constant-go-go-go for me today.  Especially when your meetings are across campus. Argh.  Also had to think about future stuff as well, that’ll never end it seems.  But things are starting to align…if slowly…  Tomorrow is a fairly important test but I feel more confident then I ever have so here is hoping.  Nothing really to report on the job front.

It seems that talking about Kony 2012 broke my daily view record for my blog for the first time in two years.  Wow.  That surprised me.  As far as Kony goes…well, I think what I said before is enough.

You know, its a sign of an insanely busy day when I don’t have a lot to talk about so…I’ll do an overview of the Apple Event from my perspective at the end of the day.

As far as the Apple event.  They basically gave us the HD versions of the iPad 2 and the Apple TV.  I’m not all that disappointed in the event, but it was certainly nothing mind blowing, just iterative.  A good iteration though, Retina-display will be really nice to have whenever I upgrade and a boosted camera is also nice as well.  Overall though, I’m not going to push for a new iPad until 4 and/or something happens with my current iPad.  I’m still satisfied with the device.  Thinking of jailbreaking it after finals though…I’m intrigued by what I’ve seen come out of there lately.

Ultimately, the strength of iOS is the apps and I’m glad that Apple put theirs through a good update.  I haven’t had much time to test them out, but the enhancements to the iWork and iLife Suite should make them more enjoyable.  Things that stood out were Garageband sharing + ability to play with each other, iMovie Trailers and enhancements, iPhoto is a luscious photo editing app with a nice iCloud photo sharing capability I had been hoping for and iWork got some nice tweaks.  The OS update was appreciated too and fixes some minor quirks within the OS.  At this point though, I feel that Apple is going to need to continue to push updates to its software in order to stay ahead of the curve.  Its likely we’ve hit a stone wall with hardware technology as far as batteries are concerned which is probably why we didn’t see a quad-core CPU iPad this go around.  And constantly improving the software would be highly appreciated.  Where this year will go…who knows.  Also, WAY overdue to have Movies as a part of iCloud.  Glad to see that in there.   But yeah, All the improvements and iCloud additions continue to make working with an iPhone and iPad nicer every day.  Technology is awesome these days.

Gaming: nothing.  As I said, insane day.

And that’s it.  Until next time…


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