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Read this link: & this link: I did further research and found more articles like this.

I HATE being manipulated. I HATE even WORSE being manipulated by a “Charity”. It is the worst kind of sin to use your platform to scam the people and take their money for your own selfish uses. This is exactly what I found when I digged a little deepr into Kony 2012. Only about 30% of the money raised is being used for the actual charity. They have not been independently investigated and they support direct military actions, or war. For such a “peaceful” organization, they sure as heck aren’t trying to conclude this peacefully. The rest of the money…who knows where its going. The guy who is running this is clearly overpaid. And the organization’s goals don’t work. The US has already tried several times to bring Kony to justice and failed to do so and the resulting bloodbath from Kony made the situation worse, not better. He is using child soldiers and that makes the whole situation that much worse when they get killed. And Kony is not the only monster running around in that region of Africa, but he’s the only one who’s pissed off the most people in comparison. Arresting, nay, killing him will not solve the problems of Uganda. It is a deep social issue that we, the United States and the World cannot solve by removing one man. It is the same as Iraq. Killing Sadaam didn’t fix the country and we got swamped in a bloodshed that we brought upon ourselves. If we got further involved with the Uganda issue, we would be facing another version of Iraq. That isn’t to say that we shouldn’t try to help them, but this type of help will not fix all the problems overnight.

I shouldn’t have supported it. I shouldn’t have listened to it, especially when I questioned myself in my personal musing last night at least twice about the validity of the Kony 2012 organization. That above all things should have raised a red flag, hell, a big old siren should have gone off. Especially when the video maker’s young son is brought in. THAT should have immediately made me turn off the video. Kids used in these videos only have one purpose. To manipulate the viewer into being more sympathetic about the cause. Legitimate charities never use them because its a scumbag way of gaining support for your charity. And most of all, it was about kids in Africa. Kids in Africa has been used for plenty of organizations. Its a guilt-trip. And I hate guilt-trips. At the very least, I did notice these signs in the video. I just decided to ignore it for whatever reason. *sigh*.

I can’t blame myself entirely. I really do want to help people. I don’t want people to suffer. But at the end of the day, I don’t support charities like this because of their questionable motives, questionable money practices and because they eventually become a mob mentality. I actually had another question about this organization which is, what happens after Kony is captured? This organization is very short-sighted by the looks of it and they didn’t seem to have a plan after Kony. That meant that a lot of effort would have gone to waste in the long run.

I am truly disgusted when I am manipulated by charity organizations. It is the worst form of manipulation and it makes my trust issues with them only get reinforced. I want to help. But its hard to trust them when I get manipulated time and time again. My emotions are not your playground. So stay out of them.

And that’s my musings on Kony 2012. I still would like to see Kony brought to justice. But support of this organization isn’t the right way of going about it. What you choose to do with this information (and please do your own research) is entirely up to you. From now on, I plan on doing more research when I see these charities. This will be the LAST time I am blindsided like this.


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