Personal Musings: 3/3/12…

Curating and Relaxation…

Today was my Sunday.  With a party that I attended tonight, I moved my typical Sunday-break to Saturday and overindulged in stuff related to my interests.  I’m still frakkin sick with a cough that refuses to die so I’m guessing I’ll have to deal with it for another week.  Goody.  Overall, the day was largely uninteresting, or at least what I can talk about.  Unless you want to read about me cleaning the stove or other boring house chores.  😉  On a side note, I don’t talk about private parties publicly.  I just consider it a common courtesy.  No pics or videos I take get put up publicly (FB included) either for the same reason.  I might take photos/videos, but those are just for memories and/or Blackmail >=).  (I’m just kidding).  But I do have to wonder why people “drunk-post” on Twitter/Facebook.  I would like to know your thoughts on dealing with such individuals, because to be honest, I don’t want to read it.  Thoughts?

I was also featured in this blog post by Appigo yesterday.  I don’t often get a guest spot in another blog, much less a company.  Although there was that other time…  If your interested in the Corkulous board that I created for that project, you can contact me and I can send you a link to it.  I use Corkulous these days for ideas with my blog and other areas.  I also use it in my job search to write down things I need to do for each business and overall, I just really enjoy using the app.  Maybe one of these days I’ll do a full review on it, but that will be a while yet.

I played several hours with a few friends in Tribes Ascend in the afternoon.  Below is a picture I took while in the process of the game.  I played Juggernaut, a long-range bombardment class for most of the session and I feel like I’m starting to get a hang of the game.  Funnily, this might be the first F2P game I might really enjoy since that one game I refuse to name.  Its a bit weird for me to be a long-range bombardment class.  That is very rarely my play style.  I usually play a more mid-range fighter, but it seems I rather like this class.  Odd.  This game also has makes it really rewarding just getting a kill.  Its just the right amount of challenge to get a kill in that when you do finally get a kill you can do nothing but laugh evilly.  ;).  And kills I got a plenty for once.

And that’s pretty much it.  Such a busy life I lead.  Heh.  I hope you have a good Sunday!


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