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To change things up this week, I thought I would talk about the website known as “Klout.” Klout, for those that don’t know, is a rating website for how influential you are in social media. It takes data from Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other networks and gives you a rating and what it considers you to be on the interwebs.

Klout is worthless.  For the past several months, I’ve been watching my Klout rating, just to see what it would do.  Overall, my rating has constantly fluctuated.  The constant fluctuation of it just makes me think that the stats are all made up.  Sure, from a stats angle its interesting to look at and see what a website thinks about you, but as an actual legitimate stat?  I don’t think so.  And really, who is to say that the link of an adorable kitty picture that I linked is viewed by all my followers or by none of them?  This doesn’t track views, it just tracks retweets, comments.  Which in that essence means your actual influence isn’t accurately tracked.  So it makes me wonder why anyone would depend on these stats as some sort of tracker for your social media presence.

On another note, I don’t appreciate being added to Klout before I gave it my approval.  That really makes me irritated when services start tracking you without prior notice.  Yeah, sure, if I locked down my accounts they wouldn’t be able to, but I shouldn’t need to do that.  The fact of the matter is, Klout is making money off my profile without my permission.  Not.  Cool.

Klout is also something I don’t support. I do think it highly overrates my “influence” on my networks but it just shows that I don’t like measuring my social networks. Its funny too, because when they adjusted the algorithm that the website uses to calculate your Klout a few months back, a lot of people freaked out over it.  Mostly because their rating got worse.  Which then makes me think that this website is being used to boost egos and say “hey, my Klout is higher than _____”.   Its either that or to give advertisers some sort of data they can use to make money.  Either way, I don’t like Klout and what it does.  The only thing Klout does for me is spamming up my feed with useless posts.

I could care less if I have a 25, 50 or 100 Klout rating.  If we don’t even converse, it makes the whole “social networking” pointless in my honest opinion.  And it certainly doesn’t make me a better person on Twitter than the next person. Not to mention I think this just leads to a lot of everyone giving everyone +Klout just for the sake of doing so.  And here is the real clincher, who cares?  Who really cares if your rating 100 Klout?  Or 0?  I’m not going to quit following you because your Klout rating is too low so what is really the point of having a Klout rating?  That I want an answer to.

As of this posting, my account will have been deleted from Klout and I will not return to it.  I thank the people for giving me +Klout, but I won’t be participating in it after today.  However, what are your thoughts?  Am I being too harsh on Klout?  Let me know, I’m really curious.

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  2. I can’t believe someone got mad and blocked you over this of all things, wtf? (Yeah, was reading your new post about social media stuff.) I don’t understand what you could possibly say about this that would make someone that upset with you. Personally I would say if they blocked you for not liking this, then they aren’t a good friend.

    Also, I seem to have unsubscribed from you for some reason (I think it was a glitch because I have no idea, I liked to read your posts) but now I’m back, you probably don’t remember me though. Whatever, doesn’t matter, I like reading your musings. xD

    • I like it even more that you commented on my Klout post rather than the social media post. xD. Or maybe that was intentional. hehe. Yes, I do indeed remember you Guard, it has been a while. Glad you enjoy reading my stuff =). As far as Klout is concerned, yeah… I simply told him the truth. No cussing him out or anything like that. I guess he disagreed with me. Strongly. =

      • It sort of was intentional to show that I read the Klout post as well (since I missed it, didn’t know what it was, etc).

        I think I also intended to weigh in my opinion on what Klout is, but somehow never got to that. xD I am always doing a million things and am distracted easily.

        To put it simply, I agree with you.

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