Personal Musings: 2/26/12…

Mustangs not included…

Sunday, sunday, sunday.  For better or worse Sunday is usually my day of rest.  Today even more so as I tried my best to recover from this frakkin cold.  Still, that didn’t stop me from doing some studying, some online job hunting and other productive things.  Otherwise, it would have been a perfectly good waste of the day.  Still, the cold is annoyingly hard to deal with.  Oh well, I’ll live and move on.  Yeah, not much else to say, its a Sunday.  😉

One thing I’ve never really understood is the entire fascination with Oscars, actors/actresses and awards shows in general.  The award shows are just basically drama fests with their own opinion on movies/TV shows that deserve to get some minor amount of recognition for X reason.  And the entire fascination with actors…escapes me.  They’re just regular people who do jobs that the public consumes.  But I read some of these blog posts about people asking actors to do things like pictures of them stacking papers in an office environment and then freaking out about it when they do and it…just  boggles my mind why that’s a big deal.  I guess its just a status thing that I’ve never acknowledged.  Or a better example, I’ve never had a dream of meeting certain actors in person yet I know many people who do.  Sure, I would certainly enjoy a chit-chat with them if the chance ever arrived, but its not something I would freak out over…idk, something to think about I guess.

Meanwhile, my dissatisfaction with Boxcar is continuing to grow.  The service has been pretty unreliable as of late with notifications being deleted, missing or just not being sent to me.  Facebook integration is pretty much broken on top of it.  And they’ve been having more and more server troubles as of late.  I’ve been using it for Twitter, RSS and a few other things, but here as of late its been offline more than online.  I’m not paying for the service, as its ad-supported but I kinda expect better service, as it used to be really good last year.  I have it nicely setup to do what I want, but it seems like the service is just getting worse. I really hope they pull through soon, but if they don’t…well, nothing I can do about it but switch back to what I was using before. Erk….

Here: Enjoy these two screenshots of STALKER: COP.

A bunch of mercs attacked me while I was around the Jupiter plant.  They died.  Yay, some actual action screenshots.

I was entering Jupiter and it was creepy quiet so I grabbed a quick screenshot of these buildings.

Tonight in STALKER I was mostly running around the Jupiter area.  Creepy quiet couple of buildings with a bunch of documents and a helicopter that crashed through the roof.  Found a few dogs that tried to bite me.  Yeah…they didn’t last long.  Other than that, I went and spent the rest of the time looking for tools and artifacts which hasn’t been easy.  Especially since I’m starting to go broke in the game.  Huh, resembles real life right now… x_x.  Also played some Section 8/Tribes Ascend for a short bit.  Just another day in the life of me I guess :).

And that’s that, hope you enjoyed the musing and I’ll see you later!


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