Personal Musings: 2/25/12…

Star Trek…

Got to watch the Blu-Ray version of Star Trek (as my numerous tweets will account to) as I was able to pick up my player from home this last week.  I got the disc from a friend and am thankful to him for it.  The disc (for those that don’t know) has three episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation that have been enhanced for blu-ray HD quality.  Encounter at Farpoint, Sins of the Father and The Inner Light.  They all look really good, though the 4:3 aspect ratio throws me off as I’m more used to the 16:9 aspect ratio when I’m watching Blu-Rays.  But that aside, I’ve never seen a better looking Enterprise D and the rest of the show is a very HD quality.  I’m glad I got to experience these.  But at this point, my main hope is they show up on Netflix because realistically, I won’t be able to afford the entire seasons for a long time.  X_X.  Ah well.

My cold has mutated to cause my nose to be very plugged and congested so THAT’S fun.  ugh.  Oh and the cough is still there, but its pretty infrequent.  But when I do cough, it is hard on me.  I’m hoping it goes away tomorrow.

I got some homework done today, mostly spanish focused.  Trying a “new” flashcard system so we’ll see how that works out.  And some other productive things, nothing really all that interesting.  Job wise, nothing new to report.  Blegh.  I really wish there was…I really wish there was.

And all I did in gaming was more shooting in Section 8.  What can I say, not my most exciting day.

Also, I finished all my podcasts.  Wowsers.  I need some recommendations on new podcasts…*hint hint*.

And with that, I am going to sleep to recover from this illness.  Hopefully that is soon.


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