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This post is about Mass Effect 3 and why I think that EA and Bioware have simply gone too far. (Part 2).

I made this post: a while back. Go read it. And then watch this video.

This is why I blog. This is why I talk out against companies. We all choose our battlefields. Some choose politics, some choose cats VS dogs, one of my battlefields is gaming. Why? Because I love gaming. Plain and simple. I enjoy it with friends. I enjoy talking about it with friends. And it something that our culture should treasure just like we treasure movies, tv, books and etc. Gaming is challenging ourselves, immersing us in new worlds, new ideas and new ways of thinking. Gaming brings us such things as the entire lore-driven universe of Mass Effect. I love Mass Effect 1 & 2. I love the world, the story and the characters. So it hurts deeply that my principles will not allow me to buy this game. I am making this stand and the line ends here. If EA does not back off, then I will not buy ME3. And that SUCKS. It really does. But my opinion, and this blog, will be meaningless if I don’t. *sigh*…

So I bring this topic up yet again because we, as gamers, should stand up to abusive companies who have simply gone too far. Btw, be forewarned, there is a spoiler due to the subject at hand. It is not about how the game ends but about something else. Do not read if you care about ME3 spoilers. But I implore you to do so because at any rate, its likely you’ll get spoiled sooner or later.

Last time, I talked about the Origin exclusivity. I still hold that is wrong, forcing us to be on Origin regardless of our preferences. It is just as wrong as forcing us to use Games for Windows Live. There are better alternative methods than GFWL or Origin. Heck, you can self-publish a game without any use of Steam, GFWL or Origin. Does it require more development time? Sure does. But plenty of developers have managed just fine without it. However, that is not the point of this blog post. Go read the last one, I summed up my feelings on Origin exclusivity there. No, this one is about locking content that is important to gameplay and forcing us to pay a higher price for a game.

Bioware and EA decided that a Day-One DLC pack will only be available to Collector Edition buyers. Its called: “From Ashes”. This DLC pack contains an entire “side-kick” character known as a Prothean. In addition, it contains storyline elements, an entire mission(s) and more. The Protheans are an important part of the Mass Effect universe and as such, they are effectively cutting a MAJOR PLOT POINT. Those who do not buy the collector’s edition are not getting the full gameplay experience and are probably missing out.

This is abusive, this is wrong and it is incredibly unethical! And I know why EA/Bioware is doing this! They believe that we will buy it and not put up as great a fuss. We as gamers seem to be the least unwilling people at putting up boycotts. And EA is counting on the fandom of ME3 to allow them to make it exclusive to Origin and everyone will buy it there and not care that it is exclusive. They are also now counting on us to buy the Collector’s Edition because we feel we have no choice if we want the full experience of the game. What the heck?!

Look, EA/Bioware. If you want to sell Mass Effect 3 for $80+, then just do it. Sure, you’ll have a falling out with your fans. That is for damn sure. But at least your being honest about the price you want on your game and I can respect honesty. This method though? Is just plain shady and unethical. It doesn’t encourage buying the game new like the Cerberus Network did for Mass Effect 2, it forces us to buy the collector’s edition and pay a higher price for content that was cut from the original game so you can line your pockets. I have always viewed the special edition of a game to have all the really nice, but unnecessary, extras to a game. Usually, it has the soundtrack, a nice keychain or statue, a comic book, the making-of game and some art book. That’s what the collector’s edition to Starcraft 2 had and I had no problem with it. I did buy that btw as well as the N7 collection for Mass Effect 2 and I loved all the extras. But forcing me to buy the collector’s edition so I get valuable content for the game I’m playing? NO. Just, NO.

DLC after the game comes out is one thing. That is extra stuff that complements the original, yet full product of the game. But when your cutting out a major plot point during the development of the game, its just wrong. It is shameful that this is how far EA and Bioware have come from Mass Effect 1 days. They have gone from good, competent companies that produced solid story games to just plain exploitive. Looking back, the past several Bioware games have exploited their respective fanbases for maximum amount of money. Star Wars the Old Republic had Collector’s editions over $100+. Mass Effect now seems to be forcing us to pay $80+ and who knows what they will do the Dragon Age crowd when DA3 comes about. This has to stop. It just simply has to.

I will boycott this game & company. Until they back off on the Steam issue, on this content being sold for higher prices and just generally exploiting their customers, Bioware simply doesn’t deserve my money. As far as you, the reader, is concerned, what are your thoughts on this? Does this cross the line or are you fine with it? I would really love to hear your comments on the subject.

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