Update on Blog Musings and more…

Hey guys,

So for the past week you’ve been seeing me put up posts known as “personal musings”.  This was basically a test for me for a few reasons.  To see how much I liked doing it, to see how much people liked it, and to see if I could sustain it.

The basic idea behind Personal Musings was something I talked about in January of bringing more content on a regular basis to the blog.  However, as I progressed through January, I found that thoughts and reviews were simply too long and required too much editing to be published more regularly.  After a suggestion and some hours thinking on it, I thought I’d try out Personal Musings for the week and see how people responded to them.  These are what I consider informal blog posts talking about subjects of the day and my own personal life.  What sets them apart from other blog posts is that I just sit down and write for up to a maximum of an hour and then publish them.  And I find I really like this format of blogging.

So the basic plan for the blog is to have semi-daily “Personal Musings” because I really enjoy doing them.  It lets me talk about stuff like gaming, tech and other stuff more regularly while not requiring a giant time sink.  Heck, might even throw a rant or two in.  😉  And in addition to Personal Musings I’ll be posting a review/thought every week give or take.  This lets me work on those posts more and bring out a higher quality writing (hopefully ;)).  I’m not sure if I’ll be publishing them daily.  Maybe, maybe not.  I haven’t decided on that yet, so for now they will be semi-daily.

And as always, you can follow my blog via RSS, email, Google+, and Twitter.  (FYI: I do not need your emails for you to post comments on the blog).  I provide all the links to the right there with the newly updated navigation bar :).  Which yes, its been updated, tweaked and such.  I’ve added a few new widgets which I’ll see if I like those or not.

Otherwise, just letting you know what’s going on.  I’m rather happy with this pace on my blog and I hope you all have enjoyed it as well.  If you have anything to talk about in relation to the blog, the posts and etc, just throw a comment down there and I will be happy to respond to it.  :).

Until next time, keep your swords sharp!


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