Personal Musings: 2/18/12…


Today has been so-so on the “productivity” scale.  I did go job hunting, but nothing much could be found.  I did also check back into a potential job in person and may have another potential that I’ll be looking into.  So maybe that will go somewhere more.  Other than that, I’m just pushing forward as best I can, thanks to some advice from a friend of mine who I met with today as well.  This is definitely not easy though…

I did manage to complete another lab for HTML coding and I had no trouble whatsoever.  Everything checked out and I was even able to do some tweaks without screwing up anything on my CSS sheet.  That just makes me feel better, the “website” we each have to build is starting to go somewhere.  Probably at the end of the class, I’ll throw it into public dropbox and have it available for everyone to see.  Not that it will be much, but just for the heck of it.  I am starting to get a sense for HTML, so hopefully this keeps moving forward with better progress.  I’m still unsure if I like or dislike it at this point…but I got a B for the midterm so I’m rather happy with that, as I was really worried about it.  Although not nearly as worried as I was for the other class…so we will see…no way to know until my teacher’s publish grades.

On a side note, I’m making all my screenshots public for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat on my Steam profile here.  You can also see the few screenshots I made for Shadow of Chernobyl at the same link.  I didn’t get that many for Shadow of Chernobyl because I keep forgetting to so this time around I’m reminding myself to do so with COP.  Its possible I might be taking too many :P.  If this link ever breaks, just look on the right-navigation menu for my Steam profile.  I’ll try and get more action screenshots, though that is terribly difficult when your getting your blood sucked up by a bloodsucker.  Hehe.  😉  The game is really pretty to look at.

It seems my gaming life has now become lots of shooting things.  I got gifted Section 8: Prejudice, I’m playing STALKER: COP after sitting on the game after a long time and was invited into the Tribes Ascend BETA.  I’m also playing Orcs Must Die and Sanctum on the side which are FPS TD-games.  Not complaining, just finding it interesting that the season of gaming for me has shifted into FPS to a huge degree.  As far as STALKER is going, I’m really enjoying this RPG like game.  I’ll have a review of it up later after I finish it obviously.  (Which may be a long time from now).  Other than that, just lots of fun to be had.  And that is what gaming is all about.  🙂

Oh and I finally finished the Dresden Files book series via audiobook.  Wow, what a ride, what an ending, and what an awesome series.  Ok, sure its still not done, as the author is still working on 5 or so books, but still.  And I got freaking blind-sided by the author several times throughout it all.  That just never happens and I love it when it happens.  Thanks again Jon M for recommending that series to me, lots of fun.  I’m not going to say whether or not I’ll be reviewing this series via this blog.  Mostly because its up in the air on my end.  We’ll see.  The side effect to listening to so much Dresden Files is that my podcast listening is dreadfully behind and currently need to listen to 23 podcast episodes in order to catch up again.  Youch.  That will take all week probably.  Ah well, just plenty of stuff to listen to.

Other than that, hope you liked my musings, and I will see you tomorrow with an update for the blog.


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