Personal Musings: 2/17/12

The Calm after the storm…

I’ve found that no matter what intense and stress inducing problem that you run across, especially if there a buildup to it, there is always a calm in the storm after the event.  Today, after the midterm, its pretty much been like that.  Peace.  Which maybe goes to show I shouldn’t stress out as much as I do.  Butttt, that’s always the response I give to it.  *sigh*.  One of these days…oh, speaking of midterm, it went well.  Too well.  I’m a bit suspicious of how well it went, given the amount of study time I put it into it, which was not nearly as much as I had the previous test.  Only so many hours in the day.  But if it went as well as it did, that’s good.  If not.  Well, I’d rather not think about it.  I can’t imagine I did that badly.  Ok, going to shut up now before I jinx myself.

Otherwise, besides meeting about another school project, nothing of much significance happened today.  Weather cut my walk short, which yes, I know, rain won’t melt me but that doesn’t mean it won’t soak me to the bone and I personally want to stay healthy.  Thank you very much.  ;).

Watched Fringe tonight.  I just really like this show.  Its also getting really twisty with the plot.  I won’t say much more, but those shapeshifters look like they’re getting more crafty.  I still hope it isn’t cancelled after this season.

Was given a BETA-key to the free-to-play Tribes Ascend FPS game by Tobias today (thanks!).  I actually enjoyed it, despite being in BETA.  The shooting has a nice pace, the visuals are really high quality.  Its also oddly satisfying to get a kill in the game.  Which just goes to show that PC can vastly out preform the consoles when it isn’t being hobbled by bad console ports.  I look at MW3 when its played in my apartment or others and I just can’t help but feel like it looks ugly.  Now, I have Section 8 and Tribes Ascend and they both are just fun and good to look at.

Anyway, the one thing I’m unsure about on Tribes is the whole skiing around.  I’m thinking its just practice and I’ll get a better hang of it, but I had a lot of troubles with it.  Still, I managed to make #1 twice on the leaderboards which is…concerning.  I’m pretty good at FPSes, but not THAT good.  Or maybe I sell myself short….hm.  Dunno.  And I’m certain they weren’t bots this time around like they were in Section 8 x_x…  My PC also handled it better than I expected, though I was only at “Low-graphics” which makes me curious what it takes to be at “high-graphic” settings.  Still, game looks darn pretty.  The other thing that concerns me is the F2P part, and my hope is they don’t abuse the freemium model in this game.  More on the game later…

Job search is still going…nothing to report on.

I’m now in the home stretch of The Dresden Files: Ghost Story.  What a journey that has been…I’ve got about 3.5 hours to go as of the writing of this post.  Should have it finished up by tomorrow.

Otherwise, that’s all for today.  Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!


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