Personal Musings: 2/16/2012


Tests have never been my strong point in college.  And this term feels like they went into a harder mode than before.  Or maybe I’m just too exhausted.  I’m not sure.  Today, had my 2nd test for a class and I think it went better.  I hope it went better.  If it did, it means I’m doing it right…but suffice it to say, the stress that came with that didn’t help me at all.  I write this post on the curtails of studying for my next test which is tomorrow.  I feel only slightly more confident in my success of it.  But..idk.  There’s not much I can do at this point but get rested tonight and press forward.  Hope that it works out in the end.  Which is all that I can do on a daily basis.   Gawds, that is so much easier said than done.

There isn’t much to say about yesterday, it was mostly studying for today’s test and other fun things.

I will say, that today’s test went pretty well considering I woke up 15mins before the bus came.  I accidentally fell asleep last night before setting my alarm so waking up at that time was, exciting.  It didn’t help when I realized that I forgot to put both my iPhone and iPad on the charger before falling asleep.  Worse yet, the iPhone was at about 10% charge.  -_-.  So I slapped the charger into it while rushing around trying to get ready (and eat something) as fast as I could.  I was ready in time for the bus, which says that I’m getting used to these really rushed mornings of waking up at the last minute.  Thank goodness for internal clocks.  I have no idea what percentage my iPad was at when I woke up.  My guess is it was around 40% and its now sitting at 13% as I write this post.  I never got it in the charger today and it had been used quite a bit yesterday and today.  That is really impressive to me.

Speaking of impressive technology, during my couple hour break between classes, I got on the interwebs and found out that Mountain Lion OSX had been announced to come out this summer.  The short of it is that this OS will not only fully integrate the Mac into the current iCloud setup, but also give it an entire suite of apps from the iPad.

I find it ironic that we were mocking the iPad several years ago and now find ourselves with an OS that has a bunch of apps from the device.   It comes with a fully integrated iCloud sync, GameCenter, Reminders & Notifications, Messages and other goodies.

I find it interesting that Apple has now put itself in direct competition with Steam now, well, as far as the casual market is concerned.  Obviously the iPad can’t play games like Skyrim, but with iCloud now syncing game progress and Gamecenter + the App store, it certainly has given Apple’s OS some great potential as a gaming platform.  I just hope we start seeing better, less rob-me-blind-of-money games.  Seriously.  Enough of the Freemium-abuse.  It is horrible on iOS.  STOP IT.  *cough*

Anyway.  With Mountain Lion OSX and Windows 8, the direction computers is going is pretty clear with the merging of mobile and desktop into one uniform experience.  Having our personal computer experience accessible anywhere is where I hoped mobile technology would go.  Before, the barrier between the PC and Laptop was huge.  Today, we find the experience becoming more seamless and more devices participating.  From phones, to tablets to desktop/laptop, we can get our information no matter where we are.  Awesome.  Which is good, I haven’t liked laptops for a long time now and I hope these latest innovations, along with ultra-thin laptop design, will give us a laptop worth using, or something even better.

I do find the executions of these two companies at odds with each other.  On the one hand, you have Metro UI and a whole new experience basically being forced on us.  Whereas Apple has gone the more gentle route and is merging iOS into Mac OS.  You would think it would be the other way around, it usually is.  I just find it quirky how the tables have turned…

I have to sit back and just think of how far we have come in four years.  Four years ago the entire concept of the cloud was something being played around with.  Google was using it, but not to any big effect.  Yet.  Fast forward to today.  My entire music library is now available anytime on my iOS devices.  My entire picture library is now backed up to Dropbox.  My documents are also backed up to Dropbox/iCloud and can be shared with friends and collaborators instantly.  My iOS devices backup to the cloud.  Gaming is starting to sync its saved game progress more and more now, whether its Steam or iCloud doing it.  My gmail is accessible anywhere, along with my calendar and contacts.  My Todo list is accessible anywhere, allowing me to be more productive. TV & Movies are accessible via the cloud from Netflix!  I mean, WOW.  Just in four years alone.

I can’t help but feel blown away at how far and fast cloud technology has come about.  And who knows what will happen the next several years.  I for one, am glad to see cloud technology come about.  Eventually, losing our data on a regular basis should disappear and I won’t have to hear horror stories of people losing thousands of files.  Its just really impressive.

Anyway, just my thoughts for the day.  I hope you enjoyed!


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