Personal Musings: February 13th 2012…


Life just seems to be a struggle.  For me, this term has been one of my hardest struggles.  I wonder if its just the stress getting to me, more than I’m admitting it is.  Or maybe its self-esteem being low.  I’m not sure.  I just struggle along, trying to keep up and going.  All one can ask of me eh?

On a side note, I watched this video:

I found the video funny.  Found this Vblogger a few months back.  As far as I can tell he’s some college student out in Britain who has his own struggles and achievements.  I found one of his videos while scrolling through YouTube and it was an amusing re-enactment of his college life.  Suffice it to say, it was pretty much par for the course about how I felt about my own college career.  *shrugs*.  Not really a review of his channel here tonight anyway.  But, despite finding the subject matter of trolling funny, it also made me think.

  1. Why do people join these limited social networks restricted to smartphones?
  2. Was it right for Dan to troll those individuals?
  3. Does anyone truly find relationships on those networks or is it just a bunch of people sharing “nude” photos?
I’m just not sure what the right answer is…
  • The third question is due to a lack of experience, I mostly avoid such social networks, especially if it has anything to do with dating.  Mostly because I don’t believe anyone is truly honest on those networks and the other reason is because it limits itself to smartphones.
  • The 2nd question I guess depends on how you view trolling.  In this case, I guess no real harm was done.  It was just a prank with some humor in the end.  Long term “damage” they caused would probably be minimal.  Oh lord, am I starting to use that one class to analyze people?  That’s just…troublesome.  😉
  • I couldn’t even begin to guess at question #1.  Far too many reasons spring to mind.  Anyone got any thoughts?

Hmm, rambling, anyway…  Yesterday and today my focus was on studying for the most part with some work stuff thrown in.  Looked up two major retailers for possible positions and the amount of available jobs was: 0.  (Oh I should say these were businesses that I visited that told me to go online, granted, they never said they had open positions anywhere…)  Well, ok, there was one job but it required special certification that is just beyond my reach.  That’s just frustrating.

Also, on a further note, I’ve realized lately that pretty much 95% of my gaming news and probably around 70% of people I follow on Twitter are all in the European area.  What is up with that?  It shows too because go past about…7-8pm or so and my Twitter feed grinds to a halt.  I can’t even really figure out how that happened, but it did.  Don’t get me wrong, I think its great, it means I’m talking with people all across the globe which was my original hope with Twitter.  I know I talk with people from Australia, Sweden, UK, Canada, US at the very least.  I probably missed a few countries too, but its cool to think I have such a worldwide feed.  Still, not sure how the majority of it got based in Europe lol.  A good friend of mine keeps telling me I should move to Sweden, which I’m not opposed to (but its impracticable atm lol).  At the very least, my Twitter stream would normalize if I ever moved there lol.  Idk, just found it somewhat amusing and cool…

A few notes on gaming, its disappointing that fixes to the multiplayer on Skydrift have yet to even be hinted at yet, much less actually implemented.  Unfortunately, based on the fairly bad development state of multiplayer in the game, I have serious doubts that we’ll ever see a patch for it.  I was pretty annoyed to see on their FB feed that they even mentioned a sequel for Skydrift.  I’ll pretty much ignore any sequel if they never patch the multiplayer experience.  I don’t regret getting the game (even if it was gifted ;)) as the single player was certainly worth the price, but since multiplayer is pretty much broken, I don’t have a lot of reason to keep playing which makes me sad :(.  Oh well, maybe one day…

And I’m still shooting people in the face on Section 8: Prejudice.  Was surprised to see 6 friends on Steam have Section 8 too.  I’ll review it here soon enough, but I find the game very satisfying, even if your team ends up losing.  I even got a point-blank, no scope kill with a sniper rifle which was hilarious.  I saw a guy coming at me in my radar so I turned as fast as I could and just shot at him to avoid being stabbed and down he went.  Best.  Kill.  Ever.  😛  Especially since sniper rifles usually can’t one-shot people, it was likely he got damaged by cross fire or something, I’m not sure.  Either way, epic win :).

*coughs* and I watched a Mass Effect 3 demo video.  Yeah.  Yeah.  I know…But hey, that’s not breaking my rules.  I said I would never buy it, not that I wouldn’t watch it.  Still, the game looks solid…though good grief, I think the 360 and PS3 are going to choke on it, the in-game footage was stuttering on the Xbox they were playing it on.  That’s a bit worrisome.  I just wish the game didn’t force Origin, then I would have preordered it in a heart-beat….after a job obviously eheh…

Anyway, just my personal musings for the day…hope you enjoyed.  🙂


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