Personal Musings: February 11th 2012…

Things change…

Heh, that seems to be what this year is all about.  Change.  And it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I listened to “Changes” last month of the Dresden Files.  I just find that timing interesting.  The change I speak of is finally centering on what I’m going to do with the rest of my life, or at least have a better grasp on it.  I think I’ve said that before and I’ll say it a bunch more times, but it will happen sooner or later whether I like it or not.

Other changes include pretty much dropping TV and Movie watching this year.  Oh sure, I can blame the movie thing on lack of $$, but I pay for my frakkin cable (apartment contract) so its not like I couldn’t switch my monitor over to TV and watch something.  But I find that I am becoming increasingly less and less interested in TV as time passes.  With the exception of the Fringe TV series, I just don’t find it interesting anymore.  Whether its the TotalBiscuit channel with his gaming vids, or the DragonBallZ Abridged series and the hilarity of it, I find it more engaging.  Heck, I’m actually following a self-proclaimed noob and his Let’s Play: World of Warcraft series.  Idk why, I just find his adventure interesting.  It probably reminds me of when I first started out in WoW…I do think fondly on those times in WoW.  Even if I know that returning to it will remind me of the problems, I had fun in WoW.  I had fun in Eve and I’m going off on a tangent.  Whoops.  But can I find the same interesting content on TV?  No.

I think the other thing that frustrates me is how they gather their numbers for viewers of shows, which is based on a broken system.  I mean, really?  Really guys?  Ok, anyway, to make a really long rambling/rant short, Netflix is the only thing I’m going to bother with.  Its cheap, no ads and I can watch it on all my devices without any issues whatsoever.  And I can catch up on content I miss on my own time.  Which apparently my geek card needs like Farscape and Dr Who and Enterprise and…well, you get my point.  And really, I have so much content to go through on Netflix, it’ll last for years at the rate I’m going eheh and once the new shows get added to Netflix, that’s even more content.  Really, its so I’m not constantly frustrated with shows being cancelled all the time.  Which has been the theme with all my shows these past few years and why I haven’t added any new ones.  Its just too frustrating.

One major change I’ve made in my life (that so far has been successful) is my wish to be healthier and get more exercise in.  On an almost daily basis, I’ve managed to walk about 1-2 miles for a couple months now.  Its a small step, but an important one and I’m hoping to move up to running on a daily basis soon enough.  I’m using an app to track the distance and speed of my walks and its fairly decent so I’m rather happy with how its been progressing, even if slow.

And finally, the other change I’m trying to work out is how my work flow goes.  I’m finding it is a disjointed flow and not very productive.  I’m not sure quite what to do about it right now, but its something I’m trying to fix.  Anyway, just talking out loud.

Today, I went out and applied for several jobs in person.  Not that that is new, but its hard.  Mostly misses, a few businesses had already accepted new employees and only one was actively hiring.  I handed out a couple more resumes where I could.  One business was just looking only during summer…suffice it to say, jobs are still just as hard to find as they ever have been.

Just finished Side Jobs of the Dresden Files tonight. The (so-far) final book of the series “Ghost Story” is next.  After the Dresden Files I’ll be returning to the land of podcasts “full-time”.  This series of audiobooks has been the longest and hardest sprint I’ve ever done in this format.  Its actually starting to tire me out, but I’m trying to balance out work/social/fun as best I can and the Dresden Files upsets that at the moment.  Oh don’t get me wrong, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Dresden Files.  But I think for me, a change of pace will be nice.

Anyway, just my musings.  Hope you enjoyed a look inside my mind, and if not…well…leave a comment either way 😉


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