About the Indie Bundles Going On…

Hey guys, just updating you all about two bundles you should be looking at this week if you want to spend money on games.  They are Indie gaming bundles that are pay as you want and I have previously supported them in the past.

The first is the Humble Bundle for Android.  This is a cool bundle of games because not only do you get the PC/Mac/Linux versions of five different games which are good, but you also get the Android version as well.

By buying from this bundles you get a whole variety of benefits:

  1. Your supporting charity.  And you get to choose how your purchase is divided between game developers, charities and the people who make the bundle possible.
  2. DRM Free.  You can download the music as many times as you want and on as many devices as you want with no restrictions at all and you can also redeem the games on Steam if you use the service.
  3. And you get to feel good when buying a game.  Reason enough ;).
Quick review of the games in this bundle:
  • I have the iOS iPhone game of Osmos.  It was ok, very atmospheric if slow game but I just didn’t find all that appealing.  But it looks and sounds good and plays well, just wasn’t my favorite game I ever bought.
  • Anomaly Warzone Earth is easily worth it in this bundle.  I am writing a longer review of the game, but its a high quality Reverse Tower-defense game with nice graphics, a fun pace and a good feeling to the game.  I felt it was actually slightly better in some ways when they ported it to touch screens but it works just as well on PCs.
  • EDGE, World of Goo and Toki Tori I have not played.  World of Goo has an intriguing concept and who knows, might pick it up one day but not today.  Toki and EDGE don’t interest me.
I’m passing on this bundle this time because I already have Anomaly Warzone Earth on PC and I don’t really want any of the others right now.  But I highly recommend looking at this bundle, it is pay as much as you want (though please actually pay a decent amount, if you pay less than $1, you might as well pirate the games because you’ll be costing the developers and The Humble Bundle Group more money than piracy ever will hurt them).

The second is the Indie Game Music Bundle.

I bought the first Game Music Bundle and enjoy most of the soundtracks that I got out of it.  I have no doubt these are just as good.  The benefits are the same as before, no DRM, donations go to charity, pay as much as you want and you get high quality 320/FLAC music tracks.  (There is no Steam version…but…yeah…you don’t need that ;))  Its even got some competition if you get yourself on the leaderboard, you’ll get some nice prizes.  I can’t really comment on whether these OSTs are good or not, with the exception of Jamestown and that has a nice style to it.   These OSTs come from high quality games that I just don’t have the time to play and I heard the music behind them was great so you have no reason not to get them.

Anyway, click on the links and I hope you enjoy!


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