Musings: About AT&T and Rage…

So its…idk, been a week?  Maybe less?  My mind is a little muddled on time here as of late.  I would check Twitter…oh wait, *checks Facebook*.  Ah yes, the first of the month.  Duh, of course it would be then, that’s the only day of the month I “interact” with AT&T.  29 other days I interact with my iPhone.  So to prevent myself sounding really vague and confusing, let me explain.

I get to my AT&T bill (iPhone) this month.  It was up $10.  I’m trying to spend as little  money as I can right now so I looked through the PDF they provide for your bill and the only thing it told me is that I got a mobile charge.  So, feeling slightly annoyed at not having asked for an additional expense this month, I call them up.

I get routed to a customer service representative who reminds me that I’m a “Valued iPhone customer”.  (I sure as heck do not feel very valued considering the price I pay for their mediocre-at-best service).  So I pretty much straight up ask why I’m being charged $10.  After looking through the records, he informs me that I had asked for the feature.  The feature in question had something to do with texting.  I asked for the date of when I was charged exactly and look at my messages app on my iPhone.  Nothing.  That week was mostly empty of text messages.  But he is quite adamant that I was texted.  I don’t delete text messages, there is really no point to do so.  I tell him that I did not ask for the service in question which had some weird code associated with it.  He tells me that because I got texted and had given my phone number to the company that charged me, that I had obviously wanted the service and that AT&T had no way of verifying that I actually wanted/confirming the service.  He informs me that I still have to pay for the $10.  He does, however, tell me that they can refund it next month.  He also goes on to tell me that they will be unable to do the refund(s) in the future because “Its very inconvenient to AT&T”.  And to top it all off, if I wish to be safe from such potential scams in the future, I have to pay $4.99 a month.

I did not ask, want or accept any charge to my account for this supposed service personally.  I was not given any verification for the charge to my account when it happened.  But I still have to pay for it.  Honestly, I’m not even sure what kept me from biting his head off over the phone.  Maybe it was that I’ve been in the same place before as that guy and didn’t want to do it to him when he was no control over corporate policy.  Probably that.  If I regret anything, it was not having asked for a supervisor about this BS.

There is a reason why services like iTunes, Amazon, and etc require verification that you want what your buying.  This is a giant loophole in AT&T’s policies.  I’m actually amazed that this isn’t exploited more often.  Someone could have charged me hundreds of dollars and AT&T would make me pay for it and I could have absolutely no knowledge of these charges until it was too late.  Oh sure, your supposed to say “STOP” in reply to the scammers and that would prevent me from getting charged.  But that requires me to actually get the text message.  I never got it and this is not the first time that a text message never got to me.

So…suffice it to say I got angry.  Wanted to crack heads and such.  I pay for what I want, but to have such a big company allow for such a big loophole is flooring to me.  And I vented on someone else which I regret doing that to him, he didn’t deserve it.  For that I apologize…I should know better by now.

After the whole thing, AT&T used an automated service to run a quick survey on the service call.  I was still unhappy obviously so I sent back a 1 out of 10 stars review of the call with an angry message back at AT&T.  They called me in class the next day (iPhone was on silent) asking on the voicemail that I would speak to them whenever possible regarding the poorly rated survey.  I’ve called them back twice since then during business hours but the number goes straight to voicemail and the guy has not returned my calls.   I’m not happy and still consider the situation unresolved, but there is nothing I can do about it.  But at least I’ll be getting my money “back”.  Somehow, I just don’t feel satisifed about it…

Its so maddening to be treated this way.  Its worse the fact that we simply allow this to happen.  “Because that’s how it is”.  When my contract comes up, I will certainly be contemplating my options.  My experience with AT&T has not been positive…and….idk.

Anyway, after taking a long walk/run, I recovered enough to calm down.  So that’s my explanation of my angry tweets/facebook messages.  I have this thing about not liking people/companies screwing me over so I tend to get rather…passionate about it.  Should I have gotten angry over it?  No.  Anger doesn’t solve much.  But I’m human and once in a while I gotta get angry about something or I’m no longer human now am I?  😉  I should probably get a real punching bag one of these days though…less hard on my friends…  Anyway, just wanted to post this to update those who asked about the situation.  I hope you are all having a great day.


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