Reflections on 2011 and the Future of A Paladin Blog…

The Future of A Paladin Without A Crusade…

Its been an interesting year, hasn’t it.  2011 was a weird year for this blog.  It was a topsy-turvey year for myself.  What with the whole job thing, the college thing and the life thing and the friend thing and the game thing and the….ok, shutting up now.  ;).  I got my 2011 in review for my blog from WordPress and my blog has some impressive growth.  More posts, way more pictures uploaded, more views and more people reading it.  Honestly, did not think I had done that much better but I suppose I shouldn’t be so hard on myself.  Heh.  Apparently people liked my Tidalis, Ngmoco and the Fall of CCP posts the most.  Which is very interesting to me…

I’m not going to lie, this year was a struggle.  Not only for the reasons I mentioned in the other post, but because I just couldn’t get a writing groove going.  I’m not the most proficient writer but I can write, well, pretty well.  However, this year it was like dragging my entire body through the mud to write a post of any decent length.  I finally nailed it down this month to the writing style I was forcing on myself and the content I was doing.  The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series of posts ultimately was a failed series.  I had a lot of reviews that were uninspired that I never published and I’m not 100% happy with the current ones I have posted.  Many I redid and I’m happier with those, but, you know, still not entirely.  So, I’m planning on doing the following:

Reviews will be a different flavor.  You’ll see how different sometime in early January, but they’ll be less technical and more my “Perspective” about the games I review.  I figure there are plenty of reviewers out there that do the “It has great X, Y, Z and terrible A, B, C” in neat categories.  I have a different method I want to try out.  I’ve been “testing” posts over in Google+ with that format and I like it so you’ll see that in 2012 on this blog.  🙂

I’ll be publishing more musings, which I consider informal posts compared to “Thoughts” on subjects.  I haven’t decided entirely what all subjects I will be covering this year, but it will have at the very least:

  • Gaming
  • Justice/Injustice
  • Thoughts on social stuff, like Google+ or Klout.
  • TV/Movies, anything I find in Netflix is likely what I might post about.
  • People
  • Great YouTube Channels
  • and of course random subjects that come to mind ;).

Also, expect more additions to the Tower of Darkness and Light pages via posts.  I’ll also be bringing those out of “beta” soon enough, just haven’t figured out the right format…

I’m going to crack down on one of my terrible editing habits, which is to constantly go over the blog posts for hours.  I have no idea where that habit came from, but it came out full force this year so I’m sending it to the dungeon alongside indecisiveness.  So expect a little less formality in this blog, but still the same quality.

(Now I realize this feels like I just wrote my 2012 new year’s resolutions.  It isn’t, I hate doing those.  I suck at keeping them!  xD)

But, for all that have read and shared the blog, I thank you very much.  Its given me the ability to push forward and expand this blog in different directions and experiment. This year I’m going to push the blog forward with more content and especially more interesting content on a more regular basis.  (Fingers crossed….) I am really looking forward to 2012 but at the same time, it will likely be a year of many changes.  What those will be…I can’t tell.

Oh and before I go, if you have ever wanted to donated, I’m now offering an option via Dropbox.  If you use the Dropbox link in the “About” page of my blog, and of course setup an account with Dropbox and etc, you’ll be giving me extra space which is exceedingly helpful.  Of course if you want to donate hard-cash, I am not opposed ;).  I know this is a limited option (I wish it wasn’t) but its free.  Which, btw, I have updated the About me page.

So until next time, keep your swords sharp and your shields strong.  Let’s bring in the new year right!  🙂

Also, super-secret-project-(part of)-is-revealed.  Oh whatever could it be…. 😉


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