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So while I was perusing the internets the other day, I stumbled across this picture. The above timeline was supplied officially by Nintendo with the release of Skyward Sword and ties all the games together, in a twisty, timeline way. I think they felt they had to because Skyward Sword was supposedly the prequel to Ocarina of Time and I think people were getting confused about which game sat where in the universe. So I’m glad they clarified it. So let’s talk about what games I’ve played. And I thought it would be cool to just discuss it for a moment. Why? Well, cmon, let’s have some fun topics around here, its not like we have to be super-serious all the freaking time!!

*coughs* 😉

Anyway, I’ve played:
Legend of Zelda (original NES) which was fun and difficult

Some Adventure of Link, impossible to beat in my opinion

Link’s Awakening which is one of my all time favorite of the series

Oracle of Seasons and Ages, which were pretty good, and the cross-play across games was intriguing.

A Link To The Past, definitely one of the more fun GBA games back in the day when I played it

The Minish Cap, which was the last of the mobile Zelda games I played and it was good.

The Four Swords, which was the last console Zelda game I have played and it was decent, but I never had three other friends to play with to really enjoy it.

Majora’s Mask, which was a fun twist on the time mechanic, though I never felt it quite fit right, still the game had a good story and a fun universe.

The Wind Waker, I never had the issue with the completely CGI world that many seemed to have. Its certainly a weird look compared to the other games but I felt it fit. It definitely had too many timesinks and a few too many quirky characters, but I liked how the characters (Link included) interacted with each other and it was a solid game on the Gamecube.

Twilight Princess, which I think is the best looking game so far. I LOVED the darker story to this game and it brought a spookiness and depth to the game I haven’t yet seen from the LoZ series. Transforming into a wolf is a bit odd, but again, never quite bothered me. And Midna was a great sidekick character. I think TP shows that the LoZ series has a potential that can be tapped into, but Nintendo just hasn’t reached it yet…

I haven’t played Spirit Tracks, Phantom Hourglass or Skyward Sword, so no comment.

And of course I played: Ocarina of Time, which is definitely the best of the series, they just haven’t quite gotten over the epicness of that game yet. I played it a TON when I played on the N64 back in the day and also played it on the Gamecube when it was ported to it. The story, the graphics, the gameplay, the amount of content just all worked together perfectly. I think the only reason we haven’t gotten a much better game is that Nintendo has to restrict itself with the Wii. If they had a similar console to PS3/Xbox360, we would have seen a much better LoZ game by now. But I digress…

So I’m a big fan of the LoZ series, (despite having to give up on the idea of ever playing them again without my own console :() and was deeply impressed how well thought the above picture was. Whether that picture was thought out before or after the LoZ series has come to the point it has, it makes sense. It was a good idea on their part to make the events in Ocarina of Time so pivotal to the franchise as pivotal as it is to its fans. To even have as severe a consequence for the hero to die/fail like they did was smart thinking. Also, considering that the universe deals with the Hero of Time, it makes sense that there would be alternative timelines. So all in all, its fun to look at and see how the games match together in that picture, even if the games’ lore barely mention each other, save for their sequels.

Could that timeline be done better? I suppose, but I like it. And my hope is that they design future games with that in mind, even if I’m no longer playing it. We will just have to wait and see…

So there you go. Have you played any of the Legend of Zelda series? If so, which is your favorite? And what do you think of the above poster? Thoughts and Comments?

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  1. Link to the Past, GBA? Are you on drugs again? Link to the Past was a SNES game 🙂 And Adventures of Link (Zelda 2) was definately not impossible to beat, just very difficult with it’s insanely long dungeons and very difficult combat. Some bosses also had some really wonky immunities that weren’t instantly obvious. But it’s definately beatable. Done it myself several times.

    • Ok to clarify, I played a Link to the Past on the GBA, they ported it to that system. As far as Adventure is concerned, that was a hellishly hard game when I played. But then again, I’m not as old school as you ;). I played the GameCube port of the game, which might not have helped.

      • I couldn’t beat adventures of link on nes, so I agree with you

      • I guess I grew up in the generation of “insanely difficult games” instead of the “hold your hand throughout” 😉 But there were some seriously challenging games back there. Several of which I’ve never beaten myself. NES games were generally rather unforgiving. Solomon’s Key is just brutal.

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