Update on SOPA & PIP

This is pretty much general knowledge by now, but I’m writing an update anyway and that is that SOPA and any decision on that bill has been delayed to 2012. This is very good because it means this isn’t being forced down our throats and that maybe we can educate our politicians on better ways of combating piracy. In the mean time, I am happy this isn’t happening. I was pretty worried it would but it seems my fears are, for the moment, baseless. Also, Godaddy was found in support of it and is currently bleeding members at a high rate. I’m personally surprised that Godaddy thought it was a good idea to support the bill like that in the face of the Internet, but hey, we all make mistakes it seems. While they have reversed their stance on SOPA today, it may be too little, too late. Time will tell.

In the mean time, continue to fight censorship of the web. SOPA and PIP are bad. I would rather have a million pirates than these two bills in their current form.

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