Musings: Of Apples and Oranges

So those that read my blog, you’ve probably noticed the category “Thoughts and Musings”. I’ve posted thoughts, but no musings. Well, today I post some musings. Musings will be incomplete and largely unedited posts about subjects I’m thinking about. It could be about anything and I’m not likely going to give the entire context about where the subject comes from. This is an experimental idea so..enjoy. 🙂

I’ve noticed that my blog has been largely negative, especially towards businesses, lately. Today though, I want to share a more positive story about a business. I went to an Apple store to get my iPad’s minor defects looked at. I had pretty much expected to be told to ship it off to their repair building or that it wasn’t covered under warranty. Despite the busy holiday crowd, a Apple tech met with me in five minutes of entering the store (after having been entered in the queue). After looking over the iPad and the smart cover, he replaced both free of charge with new ones and 20 minutes later I was out the door. I talk about this because its really rare to go to any store when their products have defects and get brand new products right there and then. Especially expensive tech products. It was a nice Christmas present to get…oh and the issues were a leaking backlight that is visible when in near darkness and the right bottom corner of the iPad had some weird damage. All in all, its fixed and done and I’m happy it went as smoothly at it did.

The other day, I was blasted by @Bradvf on Twitter for not being there in his time of need. His time of need was retweeting his story on G+ about being attacked by Simply Syndicated, a podcasting network that I had no ties with. It made me stop. I hadn’t retweeted him, attacked any member of Simply-Syn or done anything about it. Why? Because I wanted to remain neutral in the affair due to having no ties with Simply-Syndicated. For my thanks, I was blasted publicly and told that I was no friend of his if I wasn’t going to listen and follow him. It made me stop because I wondered if I had been wrong. Had I turned a blind eye to a friend’s suffering and let him get “mauled” by the proverbial sharks in the water?

I live by a code of ethics, honor, that sort of thing. That has left me more times than not left me at odds with other people. The rules that I lived by told me to not get involved in this. It was a legal matter at this point and it would be a jury of peers that would deal with this, not myself. I didn’t want to involve my friends on Twitter (those that weren’t already involved) in this because, well, none of this was positive for anyone involved. At the end of this mess, there will be a lot of hurt feelings. It doesn’t matter if Rich or Brad was right. The damage is done. It has left a lot of sour feelings over this and in Brad’s attempts to right a “wrong”, he has alienated his friends. You do not stab your friends when they are trying to help you. But he did just that. And because of that it made it impossible to support him, even before he had attacked me.

When I realized this, I realized that I was not wrong. Maybe I’m not right, but Brad’s actions were doing more wrong than the wrongs he said Symp-Syn had done. Brad had forced me into a corner and unless I chose his side, I was as evil as the demons he was fighting. I don’t go along with threats. I don’t attack people without evidence. His evidence was iffy at best and was shown after days of being vague. That will always leave me wary, had he shown us all up front of the “wrongs” that Simply-Syndicated had committed, I probably would have been more receptive to his struggles. Instead, I was subjected to 100s of vague tweets, threats and poison on my Twitter feed and then expected to support him….right…

I still don’t quite understand the implications of it all. And I still don’t understand what was so terrible that the podcast network had done to deserve its entire destruction. But regardless of who is right or wrong, it saddens me that this happened so close to Christmas and it will change things next year…how, I am not sure.

For those that don’t believe that what you do doesn’t affect the world, think again. I used to think that way, but recent years have shown me that the actions you choose affect the world in more ways than we can ever hope to know. Certain people have had a profound impact on my life and changed the way I think and act. I cannot even begin to appreciate what sort of impact I have had on those around me. I would like to think it is positive, but…I don’t know. To give more examples, Brad’s actions will have a negative impact on those that he knew and may even make them leave Twitter forever. But, a friend I know, Rick Moyer, spreads Christmas cheer and happiness through songs and positivity and for that I’m glad to consider him a friend. Unless your a total recluse, your words have power and your actions influence others. Maybe in small ways, but they do. And it is up to you to decide what you will say and do. Remember that.


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