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It seems I must break one of my rules of social media today.  I do not break it easily either, but this directly affects us all.  It affects my blogs, it affects my business and any future business I may decide to create on the internet, it affects you, the reader of blogs like mine and ALL other blogs you read.  It affects the Internet and regardless of if your an American or not, it also affects the world at large.  And it saddens me that I even live in this stupid and backwards country.  I am talking about SOPA and Protect IP legislation today.  This breaks one of my rules to never talk about politics in social networks simply because, well, its not content I think is enjoyable to talk about and point in fact, I don’t like the fact that I have to make a blog post at all.  But as I said, according to SOPA and PIP (Protect IP), my site(s) could be taken down.

Just my use of Link from Legend of Zelda would be enough for them to take me down.  That image above?  The guy who made that image (not for me, just the internet at large), his website could probably be taken down.  Wordpress would be taken down.  YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Google+, Tumblr, Megaupload, Wikipedia, and so many other websites could and would be taken down by this legislation.  Hell, even services like Dropbox could potentially be eliminated because it is likely that copyrighted material is being shared.

Just think about this for one moment.  You wake up tomorrow, you probably turn on your iPhone or your Droid and check Twitter/Facebook to see what your friends are saying.  Guess what, you’ll be greeted with a message probably saying that you can’t connect to that website.  Your PC will later tell you that the website was taken down by the MPAA or someone else for infringing copyright.  This is NOT a maybe situation.  This will happen under SOPA and PIP.  Think about it, how many people you follow post links to infringing websites, how many post to YouTube, how many post copyrighted photos?  Everyone, it is a fact of social media.

And its actually happening right now.  Now, I am not a user of Megaupload, but they made a song recently to promote their service.  The music industry is bending over backwards to censor that song from the internet under the claim that it infringes copyright.  The song does not.  But they are trying to censor it regardless.  This is the music industry now, they have no legal right to do that.  Imagine if they did.  They would eliminate Megaupload and other sites like it off the face of the earth, regardless of whether or not they infringed upon copyright or not.  Simply because its a “threat” to their dinosaur business model.

While they would attempt to stop pirates with this bill, this bill has no power over pirates.  You know what they are going to do?  Sidestep this bill entirely and largely be unaffected by the bill.  The bill that is trying to kill piracy will do none of the sort.  It will hurt YOU the user, it will hurt any further innovation on the internet in the future.  And it will give power to a business that deserves no power.

Those who support this bill:

tl;dr: Companies that fear the Internet, its innovation and the competition that it brought.

But even companies such as Apple support this bill.  I know why, its to save face in front of the industries who they make $$ off of….*grumble*

The entire list of those in support of it can be found here:   I will remember this list for a long time…

Those in support of this bill can also be found here: On  It disgusts me to see certain companies on this list, but it doesn’t surprise me to see companies like the Movie Industry, the Music Industry and other similar big businesses on here.  Suffice it to say, I looked through the list and the real innovators of the Internet are not on that list.  If your bill directly flies in their face, there may be, in fact, something wrong with your bill.  Other major supporters are: EA, Apple, Netflix, NBA, Ford, & Nike, to name a few… >=(

Those who oppose this bill:

The short version: Companies that actually use the Internet and innovate it to new levels of awesomeness, amongst many others including, I hope, users of the Internet.

Suffice it to say, look at the biggest supporters of this bill, and then the biggest opposers of this bill: On Wikipedia.  Those who oppose it are tech companies who use the Internet. Such as Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, eBay, YouTube and others like them.   They know how the Internet works and they know that this bill will do nothing to fix the problems.  It will only make things worse.  I oppose it as well, its the biggest form of censorship of my time.  Its worse than the “Great Firewall of China” because so many online websites live in the USA, where this legislation will take affect.  Think of how many websites this will affect…

My Feelings on this matter:

I think my feelings have been made clear, but I will repeat them.  This bill scares me.  This bill angers me.  It pisses me off.  Worst of all, it disgusts me.  The future of the internet is being decided by a bunch of old men and women who don’t even know how to use a keyboard, much less how to get on the Internet.  It thoroughly pisses me off that a nation that claims to be of a free-people, wants to censor the biggest technological innovation of our time.  It further pisses me off how voices and those n the know about the Internet that should be heard are trying to be circumvented at all possible angles.  I like Twitter, YouTube and all these other social medias and I fear that this bill will grind them into dust simply because a few businesses can’t stand competition of any sort….

We are the people of the United States of America for crying out loud!!  A nation of free people, with the right of free speech and any of us are supporting this?!  WHY?!  Give me 1 good reason WHY we should support this.  Because the entire “intention” of this bill on its face is to stop piracy and it won’t do any of that so why should I even think this is a good bill to pass?!  If we get this passed, it will be a black mark on this nation forever, for stifling the new digital frontier and for having a political body of representatives who still do not know how technology works.  Its 2012 (almost) people, get with the program already or at the very least bring in people who know how it all works.

How am I supposed to look at any foreigner in the eye and say that I come from a nation of free people, when the nation I support is trying to legislate the biggest form of censorship and lockdown we have ever known.  It angers me how this legislation is literally getting shoved down our throats so quickly and a ton of bait and switch is being used.  And so far, I have not heard one user say this is a good idea, but I’ve heard more than plenty say its a terrible idea.

But most of all, it pisses me off that the defenders’ of this bill cannot even justify this bill.  Look below.

Wow….words…escape me.

If you want more information on SOPA, check out this video and these links.  There are tons of videos opposing this bill just on YouTube alone so your subscription box probably has one by now.  Heck, I might make a video myself…haven’t decided.  But read about this.  FIGHT this.  It violates everything the Internet stands for and what I had assumed the USA stood for.  Free speech.  It disgusts me how low our nation has fallen.  Even if this bill doesn’t pass, the fact that it was pushed and entertained this far should make any politician feel ashamed of their office.  They aren’t protecting the people who voted for them.  It looks like they are protecting the big businesses who are, apparently, too big to fail.  I sincerely hope I am wrong and that this situation will end with both bills destroyed.  Otherwise, these bills will damage our free speech, it will ruin the Indie market of anything from videogames to music to movies because it threatens the big-business, and worse of all, it will stifle or destroy any further innovation on the Internet.  This bill will destroy jobs, not create or save any.  It will be a dark day in our history if these bills pass…

Video that explains everything clearly about SOPA and PIP:

For fight this bill, you can write, fax, email, or call your representative.

Fight This Bill Here

More information on this bill:

And so many other places have information.  Google is your friend.

I am a Paladin Without A Crusade…and I wish I could say I hoped you enjoyed this post, but……yeah.


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