Another Update…

Hi everyone,

Well, I didn’t mean to wait a month simply to write just about my dog and his passing.  Suffice it to say, its been a rather rough month but more than that I have been questioning the purpose of this blog.  I had originally re-prioritized my life and the blog with it, but then thought about it again and I’ve been struggling over the idea of reviewing games or anything for that matter.  It just hasn’t meshed with my ideas for this blog.  And the other thing is, Google+ has taken over for discussion of subjects that my blog was supposed to deal with.  So I’ve been racking my brain when I can over it and well, I just haven’t quite figured it out yet or decided anything…  Hence, my lack of posts lately.

What I have decided is that my blog will still be my main place to do general major updates on my life.  For more instantaneous stuff, go to my Twitter profile, I’m rather active there ;).  As for the blog, I’m hoping to have a few ideas set in place when we get to 2012.  We shall see.

Also, check out my new business here: Adaptive Light Technology on Twitter, Facebook and even Google+ (all links are on the website linked).  Its been moving along well and I really hope to continue expanding upon it.  I think I may make some posts related to ALT here as well.  We shall see.

For now, I ever continue to be the Paladin Without A Crusade.  If I can just survive the next few months, I think I’ll be able to do some really cool stuff.  That’s the hope anyway.

Oh and I’m doing a Let’s Play: Terraria 1.1 with good friends of mine.  (Link is to my channel’s playlist).  This link is for the channel they are being uploaded to: Here.  I recommend you check it out :).  I have no current plans for my YouTube channel.  Maybe one day…

So I hope to be doing more soon, as always, keep your swords sharp, your shields sturdy and your hearts moving forward.

-King Isaac Linksr

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