General Update…

Oiu, what a month.  For whatever reason, I’ve been having issues with my “blogging mojo” so writing has been unusually difficult.  Its probably got something to do with college and the difficulties I’m dealing with on that front.  Suffice it to say, its been a rather difficult month.  So many decisions lay before me and I’ve been feeling, well, rather unsure of myself.  Its been yet again another rollercoaster ride…getting rather tired of that I have to say, when does life get normal…oh wait haha, what am I thinking.  “normal”.  pff.  😉

I press on, just getting by day by day.  Btw, I’ve also been telling myself to quit saying posts will come out a certain time.  My writing style pretty much ensures that posts will get delayed xD.  So I’m knocking that off.  My bad for getting hopes up ;).

So I just posted about EA and Origin and my thoughts on it.  Probably my most difficult post to date and I’ve had some difficult ones.  I can’t really explain why either, it was just difficult to write.  I would promise more posts and faster, but at this point I’ve decided that my blog is about quality over quantity.  My next sizable post however should be a review of some positive note though as my last few have been rather negative.  I won’t say what yet as I’m not even sure myself.

Gaming wise, I finished up Call of Duty Modern Warfare SP campaign just last week.  (Shortest campaign I’ve ever played)  Not 3, but #1.  I know, shocking, I finally finished a game yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs after it came out.  ;).  It was decent all around, but nothing I found would bring me back again.  It was gifted to me by a friend.  I had also completed the single-player campaigns for Supreme Commander and Forged Alliance as well so now my attention turns to either S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl (I still haven’t finished it…went on a longer-than-I-expected vacation whoops) Braid or King’s Bounty.  Most likely will be STALKER, that is way past overdue to finish up.  As far as iOS goes, I’m getting consumed by games by Halfbrick, they’re just a little addicting.  Plus, their early adoption of iCloud support is good for all sorts of mobile gaming :).  I’m also playing RobotekHD (pictured above) as much as I reasonably can.

Also been reading Eragon and the Inheritance cycle.  Still very good.  🙂

Tech news, I’ve been trying out iTunes Match and posted on G+ my thoughts on that. Not 100% certain whether I’ll stick with it, but will decide that a year from now when my sub runs out.

So that’s it.  As always, keep your swords sharp and keep an eye out for new posts.  Follow me on Twitter, I’m most active there or G+ as well.  Until later…

-King Isaac Linksr

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