Train Conductor 2: USA Droid Edition…

So the developers of Train Conductor 2: USA edition just announced that they are putting it on the Android system and I’m glad to hear that more people can enjoy this game so I’m putting this out there.  It won’t be available until December first so I’ll throw out a quick update when it arrives.  I really enjoy playing with this game once in a while and wish I had more time for it.  But I say that about a lot of games ;).

Comes with an additional level, a challenge mode, gameplay rewards, a golden train and some other content.  I won’t be reviewing it as I lack a Droid device right now.  But I’m guessing it will be just as good as their previous ones.  I’m disappointed that they are making this new stuff exclusive to Android, especially the challenge mode.  I’m fairly anti-exclusive on anything.  But there you go, for $1.99 this is definitely a game you should check out for its entertainment value that I’m still enjoying a year+ after I got it. 🙂

I reviewed this game a while back in this post.

You can find the relevant links to this game here:

Announcing Android Version of TC2: USA

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iOS Version Available Here.

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