Re-Prioritizing My Life…

So yeah.  Life is crazy.  I think that’s pretty obvious, but its been a crazy couple of weeks adjusting to Eugene, adjusting to this college and keeping up.  To be honest, I’m frustrated with how poorly my job search has been going.  I have applied and thrown out so many applications and resumes, my head’s spinning.  I didn’t realize it would be this bad, with no interviews either.  Which is an indication of how the economy is doing.  But all in all, I’m pressing on in face of adversity.

On a side note Rick Moyer, a friend of mine, is right.  We throw hurdles at ourselves in doing what we want and I’ve thrown mountains in my way.  I have been doing a lot of soul-searching since I arrived in Eugene.  Time to change.  So I’m standing up against myself, and destroying the mountains that I put in front of me.  Now, its just hills.  Which makes what I need to do seem less difficult.  So, I am re-prioritizing my life.  No no, I am not dropping out of school, such a stupid decision that would be.  No no, not becoming a hobo.  That’s just silly, where did you get such an idea like that?  ;).  Getting serious again…


My life has actually been a lot like this blog.  Unfocused, slightly random but based upon standards that I impose.  Its changing.  I have published a lot of different types of posts.  I’ve written a few short stories based on Lab X18 of S.T.A.L.K.E.R, I’ve written blog posts on app reviews, I’ve reviewed games & TV/Movies, talked about my life and some thought provoking stuff.  Or at least, what I hope to be thought provoking.  I also have tried “replying to other blogs” and….I’m not happy with that format.  It requires you to first read their blog and then read my read my blog and then hope that you can make sense of it and tie it altogether.  So basically, I’m cutting the following:

  • The Lab X18 Blog posts.  They will still be published, but I will not be continuing them.  I am open to someone taking it over so if your interested, contact me.
  • TV & Movie Reviews.  I will probably still publish my thoughts on really good entertainment from time to time, since that is how I am, but it is more than likely I’ll just publish my thoughts on Twitter.  I’ve never been quite happy with the TV/Movie review format and I don’t feel it quite fits in with the blog as a whole.  These will still remain published for the forseeable future.
  • App Reviews.  I don’t think I’ve published too many, but what have been published will be removed.  To be honest, I had better ideas for this format, but I just decided to drop it for this blog, it doesn’t fit.
  • Replies-to-Other-Blogs.  Until I come up with a better way, these will no longer continue.  These posts will remain published, but under thoughts-and-musings category.

So this blog, for the foreseeable future, I will be publishing the following:

  1. Thoughts and Musings on whatever crosses my mind (well, for more than 30 seconds :P).  I’m hoping to expand this to more subjects than it currently has been, which has so far been gaming, technology and some social stuff.  However, there will be absolutely no posts politically related on this blog.  I hate politics, plain and simple.  So don’t worry about this ever cropping up on my feed.
  2. Videogame Reviews, which will now have its own category on my blog.  I love games and have been getting passionate about them more so lately than I have anything else that I use for entertainment.  (Post on other entertainment later this week).  I am also inspired by the ethics, dedication and customer service of the Indie Developers.
  3. Reviews on other stuff, admittedly I’ve been pouring my mental energy into other stuff so I have no idea right now what I will talk about here.  Derp.  x_x
  4. Updates on my life obviously.
  5. More to come and I will always leave my blog open to change and different ideas.

I will discuss at a later date why I am dropping TV and Movie reviews, but suffice to say, they are taking a big back-seat as far as my life is concerned.   As far as the blog is concerned, I am always hopeful to increase the amount I blog, but I am not promising anything.  Just so I don’t have to take my word back 😉  But I have been happy and enjoying what I have done with my blog so far and I hope you have too!  I am going to continue doing the best I can.   🙂

This is all part of re-prioritizing my life on what I find fun, interesting and is important to me.  Friends, school, games and a job…oh wait, that’s right.  I have that to announce.  Keep your eyes tuned on this feed for an announcement.

-King Isaac Linksr

I am a terrible tease, apologies.  Writing takes time!

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