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I teased yesterday about a new announcement. Apologies, I hate teasing about stuff, but I was waiting for personal reasons before announcing this new idea of mine. So I’m announcing this here, as well as on various other places about my new service. To put it simply: its a service to help people adapt to new technologies and understanding how they work. A technology consulting, troubleshooting and repair service if you will. The world of technology is constantly changing, but its one of the things I enjoy about it. However, I also understand that not everyone loves change and that it can be scary. This service is for those that don’t.

So want to know more about it? Well:

Adaptive Light Technology

Adapting technology to your needs and much more. <–Facebook Page.

Adaptive Light Technology is my own startup. Its a service to help you in a fast changing world of technology. A technology consulting, troubleshooting and repair service. So give me a try!

Tech Support, PowerPoint Creation, Website Design & Creation, Social Media.
More to come…
My goal is to help you adapt to an ever-changing world of technology. Its not easy and it can be intimidating. But my experience has given me a personal, self-taught knowledge which I can help you adapt and change as well.
Want AirPrint for your iOS devices but not willing to pay for “the right” printers? I can help you get AirPrint on most modern printers.
Need to make sense of iCloud and Dropbox and other clouds? Need help making the right decision for your needs?
Can’t find the right settings in the complex PowerPoint program?
Need to know the latest about iOS5?

I can help with that. I also can help with technology problems that may occur and my goal is to always make the problem better, not worse. If I can’t do it correctly, I can show you to someone who can. I am also planning on adding additional services if interest is high enough. This is an experimental idea so it will it be subject to possible change and adaptation.

Currently Supporting:
Eugene & Springfield, Oregon, USA in person.
The entire world wide web, though speaking English is preferred!Current Support:
PC: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Apple’s iOS Devices: iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.
Apps as well, though limited support.
Also support all current and previous iPods.Coming Soon:
Mac OSX.
And whatever else technology throws our way.

Service cost: (Prices are subject to change)
Email, Twitter and Facebook correspondence: Free, but donations accepted.Paid:
In-person, over-the-phone, or skype tech support.
PowerPoint Creation Service.
Website creation and continued service.
Social Media Representative

Technology Consultation
All: $10 per hour.
(More to come).

Its currently only a Facebook page (apologies if you don’t have Facebook). However, I will announce the website as soon as I have put it up. I just wanted to get this service up and running as soon as I could. So I would appreciate any liking, retweeting and sharing of this service to everyone you know.

This is an experimental service. I’ve been thinking on it for a long time now, but only recently did I feel compelled to unleash it. So I hope you try it out. The only thing not available on the World Wide Web is in-person visits, since we haven’t developed transporter technology. A shame if you ask me… ;).

If you have any questions, leave a comment here or tweet @ me.

Hope your day is excellent!

-King Isaac Linksr

Timothy Wetzel

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