Let’s Play: Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance…

Hmm, I forgot to talk about this in my last Let’s Play post, but I am also in Tobias’ newest Let’s Play about Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance.  This is a RTS published by THQ and developed by Gas Powered Games and was released in November of 2007. Its centered around a large Commander Exoskeleton (think MechWarrior) that you use to build up your army and crush your friendenemies.  The reason they use the Exoskeleton is because they can be gated to a planet and setup a foothold to wage war with the enemy very quickly.  The game is complete with land, air, navy, information and orbital warfare, this game really had some revolutionary ideas for the RTS-genre.  It also has badass giant experimental machines that I may use to win every game I play.  But that’s only one person’s opinion….<_<.  Its got a nice balanced feel and the many strategies you can use to win, even when it seems like your going to lose, makes this game exceptionally fun and exciting every time we play.  Which is great, because far too many RTSes get decided in the first 10mins.  These matches can go on for hours x_x.  Though the small maps we play typically only last about 35mins to an hour.

It is my favorite RTS I have found to date and is only slightly tied by Ai War: Fleet Command.  However, I like FA (Forged Alliance) for its VS multiplayer, whereas Ai War has a cooperative multiplayer setup.  Both of these games combine for awesome RTS fun.  :).  Tobias and I have been playing FA for quite a few years now, (though somehow we still suck…) so I hope you guys enjoy these postings.

Its funny, but as soon as Tobias and I started recording these Let’s Play videos, Steam added Supreme Commander and Forged Alliance to its store.  Just out of the blue.  I had to laugh at the timing.  Steam has had Supreme Commander 2 on its store for a long while, but it is a less enjoyable game than Supreme Commander FA.  I think the developer had an idea for an entirely new type of RTS, but wound up with a very Starcraft-like RTS and it just isn’t very good and not something I would suggest getting.  But I highly recommend FA, especially if you get the mods to it as they add some nice enhancements.  🙂

So, go check out Tobias’ channel (yes it is named Denaries) and maybe even subscribe.  Looks like I’m going to be in a few of his Let’s Play videos for a while now.  :).  Oh and yeah, this is typically how our matches in FA have been fought, with plenty of emotions ;).  Hey, what can I say, we get passionate about our gaming.

Oh and here is our first official Let’s Play: FA.  Enjoy!

Hope your day is well!


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