Safe Travels….Reggie…

Honestly, I didn’t think I would be making this post for years.  Actually, I shouldn’t be making this post.  Its…heart breaking to be making this post.  Its about a friend of mine I only had for a little more than a year…and then to lose her. It hurts.  She may have only been just a cat, but she was a good friend of mine.  Reggie…

Many probably saw the post I made before moving to college, asking for any information on her.  She’s been missing since I left for my good friend Rick Moyer’s house in early August for my vacation.  My parents had let her out of the house like they always had to let her roam around and hunt.  She never returned and was never seen again.  I think it was because she was attached to me more.  With my several weeks absence, she left the farm, to where I haven’t the slightest clue.  Its also possible an animal got her or she got picked up by someone.  We contacted the local shelters and put out the word, but its been a few weeks since and she hasn’t been reported.  You’ve probably noticed a distinct lack of talking about her or pictures.  I held hope that she would show up again….but I have to face facts…I just hope that wherever she is, that the wind is at her back.

Haha…this was made by a friend of mine in Eve Online, which I’ve talked about on the blog before.  The caption is an inside joke for Eve Online players.  Still makes me giggle….she was literally that small when we first found her.  I still remember that day. My brother had found a small kitten in the barn a day hidden in some wood pile or something and said that all he could make out about the cat was that it was black.  The next day, I hear a meowing in the back yard and there was my soon-to-be-friend kitty.  We put her in a box outside with a blanket, food and such (it was summer time) to see if her mother would find her again.  Likely, the mother had abandoned her as we found her the next day rather meowy.  It eventually fell to me to take care of her.  We already had Molly (pictured below) and we didn’t want another cat in the house and I was living outside the house, technically.  So I became her owner.  We can’t say with 100% certainty that it was the same cat my brother found.  But he had named it Reggie.  While we named her Regina because she was a female, she was known as Reggie.  Oh Reggie…

To the left is Reggie and how she looked….  To the right is Molly.  Lazy, fat and pretentious cat who is still at home and believes she owns the house.  When Reggie first came home, Molly had a fit.  I had to keep an eye on Molly who usually doesn’t care that much about anything that goes on unless it involves her.  Which, ok yeah this involved her.  But eventually Molly got over it and they became friends.

Pictures to prove it.  😉  They were buds.  They would fight sometimes and have some brawls in the house and outside which were funny as heck, but neither drew blood.  But it was obvious they had some sort of understanding.  Funny enough, Molly lost some pounds with Reggie being around.

Reggie is one of the most hyper cats I have ever found.  She was a climber too and would climb…everything.  Her energy was impossible to beat and sometimes that made it troublesome because she would do naughty things.  Like chew on stuff she shouldn’t.  But she was outside a lot too so that helped keep her energy in check.  She also hunted, unlike the lazy one inside and would often find a catch of the day.  The poor mouse caught would often be played with for a lot time.  It was very amusing.  But her boundless energy was something to be admired, like she had a zest for life itself.  Her tendency to bite and claw me when I was petting her and be nice….not so much.

She always did like sleeping in my arms.

She always did like sunbathing too.  Hehe…

I only knew her for a year.  What pains me most is that I didn’t get the full life with her like I did with Tuffy, our dog. Looking through these photos bring back memories.  She was a great cat.

I believe I took the best care of her I could.  One downside to her personality was her paranoia.  She was a very jumpy cat.  But my room always seemed to calm her down more than anywhere else.  Which makes me glad that she had found comfort and security in her life.

She always did steal my chair when I left the room, giving me this innocent look when I came back.  That or she would go sleep on my bed.  Or anywhere else that suited her.  She was always as high up as possible, whether it was inside or outside.  I’m surprised she didn’t climb walls later on xD.

Always liked sleeping with me while I was doing homework too.  Silly cat would rest on the keyboard sometimes which is rather inconvenient for my typing.

I miss Reggie and I always will.  While I have moved on with my life without her, I make this post in remembrance of her.  I hope that you enjoyed the photos of her as much as I enjoyed spending time with her and taking those shots.  (If you wish to see more, go see my album on Facebook named Reggie).  She was unique. She was my friend…

Goodbye….goodbye my friend.  Safe Travels…Reggie….


Tim W.

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