Update on my Socials…

So just providing a minor little update on social networks I am currently participating in.  (And its a shameless plug :P)

I have dropped my Foursquare and Audioboo accounts, as I just don’t have a use for either of these services and really, I can just as easily type where I am or publish an audio file.  As it is, I find FourSquare even more pointless.  All you do is checkin for points and mayorships….so as such, I dropped it.  If I were more into audiobooing, I would have kept it, but I’m not so, it got dropped.  So that’s it, both accounts deleted.

So there you go.  If you wish to find me, well, I am currently on Twitter, Facebook & Google+ for normal social stuff of which I participate in quite often :).  For gaming and screenshots of games I play, look me up on Steam.  For mobile gaming, I am found only on Gamecenter and OpenFeint under my typical name.  Finally, into music?  I can also be found on iTunes Ping.  Almost forgot, my YouTube Channel is also still up and running, though I am not currently working on anything atm, so its just used for favorited videos and playlists of videos I’ve enjoyed.

The crazy part of that paragraph is that it used to be more than that…..*shivers*

Anyway, there you go, my shameless plug post 😉 and I’ll be, hopefully, talking to all you very soon :).  Have a great day!

-King Isaac Linksr

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  1. I find it funny that you mention Google but completely neglect Facebook. xD

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