College Day #1…

I posted earlier today that I started college.  I don’t think it quite dawned on me that I was at college until I sat down in my first class…and I wasn’t even sure that I was mentally prepared for it, but I surprised myself.  Going to college at University of Oregon is different for several reasons.  First, big, BIG classes.  My math class had about 500 students in it.  The biggest classroom I’ve ever been in, even at my local community college was 60 at its highest, but usually its about 30-40.  I also had Spanish class, though that only had about 20 people in there so that’s more of what I’m used to.  Econ should be something else though.  In any case, it went surprisingly well today.  I don’t know if its because the classes are later, or the month off of school helped or even the fact that the classes are about 1-1.5 hours long.  I think I actually like that idea (though maybe not the work-load that will result) because I’m less likely to fall asleep in these classes compared to the 3-4 hour long classes that I used to have to endure.  Or maybe I’m just being hopeful.  #whoknows.

Anyway, my iPad performed incredibly well, though it helped that I got a few new apps before the term started such as Penultimate which lets me write on the iPad like its physical paper (for Math class, since that’s difficult to take text-only notes for), the free Blackboard app which lets me see the classes’ postings, and UOregon, the official app for the university here which has helped me find classes and buildings.  I’m still using Pages to take notes and such and cannot wait for iOS5 so I can easily get those documents onto my computer.  All in all, I still don’t miss my laptop and I have a feeling I never will.  The university is surprisingly open to its usage so that has helped a lot compared to OIT a couple years back where absolutely no technology was allowed in the classroom during lecture.  Ironic…considering its a tech school….I digress.

Anyway, an overall good day and hopefully this week turns out well enough.  I hope you are doing excellently and I’ll post more later!

-King Isaac Linksr

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