A Valley Without Wind goes BETA!…

A Valley Without Wind, the game I’ve been blogging about quite a bit here recently now has a public BETA that you can join at 50% off.  Which is a mere $10.  You can find it here: Buy. I myself have been able to play a few hours and find it to be everything I was hoping to be…almost.  Granted, its in BETA right now so its rough around the corners, but for a BETA this game is in a very good state.  They expect the full version of AVWW to be out in early 2012, so if you wish to wait till then, that’s fine too.

My thoughts on it after 2-3 hours of play:

Its initially confusing to new players and does a meh job of getting you into the game.  However, once you get the hang of the game, it plays very fluidly.  It does also feel very odd for a video game so you will have to adjust to the complexity, yet simplicity, of the game.  This is more likely a problem with it being BETA.

I WILL say though.  I love it so far.  I have gotten lost in a few of the early on places and it doesn’t feel bad.  Its those kinds of lost that you don’t mind getting lost because the game is good.  The graphics are great, the music fits astonishingly well for me, I know Pablo is great, but I never expected to fit in like it did.  I do love how it changes based on the setting/room.  Though lack of music in the village is :(.

For me, though, its definitely the graphics.  Just how visually colorful and beautiful they are…wow.  In any case, for a BETA it runs really well and flows like a full version despite the rough edges.  Be warned, it is in BETA and thinks are likely to bug up once in a while so take that as it is.  But if you get it now, you save some $$ :).

In any case, I recommend AVWW.  I wrote a review for Tidalis a while back and Ai War: Fleet Command has also been great.  (A review of that game….will come whenever I can tackle it).  Arcen Games is a superb gaming developer for an Indie company and I have no doubt that AVWW will push the boundary of adventure-type gaming for months and years to come.

Oh and a nifty trailer comes with the public BETA:


-King Isaac Linksr

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