Lab X18…Part 03

This place…it hums with a vibrancy I’ve never felt before. The structure creaks of old age, the walls scream of something unnatural, and the air feels devoid of life. Yet despite the aura being thrown off by this place, I must move forward. I must find Strelok or any connection to him.

Those glowing eyes, attached to a small mountain of a creature, stared back at me with a fiery intensity. This creature may not have existed on the earth several years back, but it felt it had ever right to live in this world as I did. To it, I was just an insect to squash into a million tiny pieces. My gun erupts with a shower of bullets at the creature and it yells in pain. However, that shield it has was still in place. So ducking behind the wall, I grabbed a few grenades I had, pulled the pin and waited a few seconds. All the while praying it was still there. I swung out from the wall’s protection and threw the grenades at the creature. They exploded around it and with a final volley of close ranged shots, the creature fell. Finally.

‘What a way to enter this place’. I was tired, the battle with the creature had drained not only my energy, but my ammo as well. I worry briefly that I wouldn’t have the ammo to get through these depths. I also quickly look up on my PDA what exactly was the creature was at my feet. A “Dwarf”. Huh, apt name. It had telekinesis abilities and was tough to bring down. The PDA didn’t tell me anything more that I didn’t already know due to the fights, so I put it back into my pack. I continue looking through the bodies of the creatures I killed and then look around at my surroundings. I could see two hallways and a locked door. The locked door had a numeric keypad, no doubt requiring a passcode to pass by. The one to my left was problematic considering it had what looked like a electric anomaly. The other one on the right was difficult to see down and seemed to have little going on. I opted to go down the one with a electric anomaly. I apparently like looking for trouble.

I pass by the electric anomaly quickly and luckily didn’t get shocked. I had made it to a room that was filled with three rows of lockers, around ten deep. I look each one of them and find various items such as food, bandages and ammo. There is also a different type of suit on the ground, but my STALKER suit is still better protection down here and has night vision, which the one on the ground does not. While I’m going through the lockers, my sixth sense is going off like crazy in here. I jump at any little noise and the aura being generated by the place threatens to overwhelm me. After having searched through the lockers, I quickly leave the room, heading down the hallway a bit before turning right into another hallway.

The phrase, out of the fire and into the frying pan would be correct in this situation. Before me, I see plenty of fire anomalies and a few mutated creatures. They have either seen or sensed me as they charge…to their deaths in the fire anomalies. Lucky me. As the hallway is too narrow and I believe that my goal is beyond them, I take a deep breath, and then charge through. I outpaced a few of them when they went off, but I got singed badly by one that I wasn’t running through fast enough. Having charged through the fire, I saw a small room with what looked like a body in it. To my right I see more fire anomalies and I keep thinking I hear something.

I find that the body has an audio file with the passcode on it, which I need to unlock the door. While the passage way goes on further, I decide not to risk further burns and head on back to the locked door. I make it back and input the key and the door swings open, inviting me even deeper into this hellish place. I grimace as I step forward deeper in. Its another flight of stairs. One Russian curse later, I move down the creaky stairs into yet another room. The room is bigger and with less cover than the last one offered.

Unfortunately, I find another angry dwarf. This one is farther back in the room I just entered and while my gun’s bullets lance out to strike it, whatever telekinetic shield it has seems to be deflecting them. While another grenade seems to hurt it, it takes a few more rounds of bullets. It goes down in a heap but I am unhappy to be spending this many bullets. I’ve still got a long ways to go and no idea if I’ll find more bullets.

As I approach the corpse, I see something move out of the corner of my eye. I turn to face the movement and to my surprise, a metal can is floating in the middle of the air, with no visible assistance. It suddenly hurtles straight at my head and I immediately duck. It slams into the wall behind me, but I start seeing more objects floating into the air. ‘This trip just got worse, didn’t it’. I quickly get out of the room and look through other rooms, not finding anything useful.

I finally remember what my next goal is. In the room where I had attacked the second dwarf, I had spotted a door with a lock on it. It was a safe assumption that door was locked like the first one. So another key must be found in this dark place. So I continue to look through the Lab’s rooms and find an odd sight. A room with several creatures I can only describe as….ghosts. These creatures do not take any notice of my entrance, though I notice more objects begin floating into the air. The creatures themselves are spectral, almost electrified and transparent. Unsure if I should risk wasting bullets, the objects floating in the air suddenly began banging all around me as I evade them. One strikes me on the shoulder which stings and another pushes my left leg out from under me. I quickly leave the room and hear a loud thumping noise coming nearby.

I find a stairway that goes down into a long hallway, with the loud thumping noise coming from it. In this hallway contains two massive doors, one that looks like it fell off its hinges. These doors really looked like they should be on a vault door. Or maybe that’s what I had stumbled upon, a vault. Metal objects quit flying at me as I look into what appears to be a massive, yet dark room. But I see inside the semi-dark room the source of the noise. A massive creature. This creature is about 5 feet tall and almost as wide. It appears to be standing on two legs and has an ugly face and not much of a body. It charges at me. Once again, my instinct takes over and my gun opens fire. I hadn’t entered the room yet and to my surprise and luck, the creature couldn’t fit through the door. As it stands there, growling and thumping my gun drops it a clip and half later. I didn’t find anything useful. I turn on my night vision as I enter in the room and don’t see any new threats. In the back of the room is another decomposing body with the audio file that squawked out the passcode required to pass by the door. Satisfied with the passcode, I move to leave the giant room.

As I exit the “vault” of a room, I feel exhausted. My nerves are calming down thanks to the lack of flying metal objects and thundering footsteps. ‘Time to take a rest’. I sit down on the floor and lean against the giant doors and take what was supposed to be a short nap.

It was anything but short….

To be further continued.

-King Isaac Linksr

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