Vacation Update!

I didn’t want my blog to end on such a sour note, so I thought I’d talk about my vacation a bit. I went and visited a good friend of mine in Washington, Rick Moyer. Or moyer777 as he can be found on Twitter. I’ve even blogged about a few of his things before I believe, or at least I know there is one about his newest Album: MW-Orbit which is really nice. 🙂 Anyway, we hanged out and made a few videos that were put up on YouTube and just had a fun time all around. These links may not work correctly, as I’ve never tried posting from the iOS version of WordPress, so if they don’t, just click that handy link on the right to my YouTube Channel ;).

Otherwise, many thanks to Rick for letting me come over and meet his dog Jade and have a great, geeky time. We both have iPads so we had a Garageband duet of Guitars around a campfire, some stargazing with Star Walk, s’mores, and so much geeky fun. I even got him to use the Flipboard app which is awesome. No, no recordings of the duet, but it was just lots of fun :). Also got to shoot off a few guns and then mess around later with iMovie. We are such geeks that we had fun editing the two videos we published with all sorts of sound effects right there on the iPads, regardless that it took about 30 minutes to do so. So definitely check out what a couple of geeks can do :P. Food was also great, so thanks go to Amy :).

If you want to see any pictures of the trip, you’ll have to check my Twitter/Instagram feed to see them, sorry about that.

So I’m having a good time and I hope you guys are having a good day as well!


-King Isaac Linksr

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