After Long Last…

After long last my vacation has come. Well, ok, 3 months, but still, that is a LONG time. This week I also quit my job because I’m moving soon and last I checked, moving a business doesn’t happen that often ;). Which yes, I am moving due to transferring to University of Oregon for this fall term. Which also means I’m looking for a job!

I’ve been going to a local community college and just earned my associates transfer degree in arts, thanks to a few summer classes I had to do. So I’m moving to a bigger college to try and earn a better degree. It will be interesting….despite having gone to a “bigger college” before, this will be new on a few levels. Plus, finding a job while being a full time student will be difficult likely. Thus the fun never stops.

I am looking for a job, and any help here would be appreciated, whether its an online or real-life job doesn’t matter to me.

But yes, it is a busy week this week and I’m not sure if I’m going to be blogging over the vacation, certainly I’ll be on twitter and such, but not sure about this site. If I am blogging over my vacation, I’ve got a few posts planned :).

Otherwise, I am meeting a good friend of mine again on this trip, you’ll have to follow me on Twitter to find out who :P.

I hope you all are doing well!

-King Isaac Linksr

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