Ngmoco…My Final Thoughts…

To be honest, this is the last time I plan on talking about this company.   So here are my last two cents on Ngmoco:)…

It only seems like yesterday I was talking about the failing of CCP and their fall from “grace”.  Now, I’m revisiting another ex-favorite company of mine, Ngmoco.  Here are my final thoughts on this developer company.

It still stuns me to see We Rule at #8 in the App Store’s top Highest Grossing apps list.  It would seem to suggest that people are incredibly tolerant of terribly coded games on unstable servers run by greedy corporations.  These games are so poorly made in fact that they sometimes require you to fully restart the device just to “fix the problems”.  I can’t recall any game (or app for that matter) since iOS 4.1 requiring me to fully restart my device….

16 out of 36 Ngmoco:) developed games that are on the App Store as of this post are compatible with iOS 4.0 and/or the latest version of iOS available. Granted, 6 of those games are just the iPad version of their iPhone counterparts, so that makes 1/3rd of Ngmoco’s current apps on the App Store usable on current devices.  Also, eight games were cut from the store, with two more most likely to be next.  That is….quite frankly terrible.  Usually companies put out a bad game once in a while, it happens.  To have over 2/3rds of a company’s portfolio unusable? at such a young age in the company’s life?  That is effing terrible.

To sum it up: Quit.  Buying.  Their.  Products.  Quit buying their in-app-purchases.  Quit trusting that this company cares about you and your experience playing their games.  Quit hoping that they’ll make the game really something one day, when in all actuality, they don’t care.  And if none of that tells you to quit, then quit because any day Ngmoco could pull the plug on your game and not care if you paid for it.  Save your money, save your frustration and save your time.  Quit supporting them.  They had a big button that you could accidentally spend your money on and didn’t fix for over a year.  Just how much trust does a company like that deserve?  None.

There are so many better alternatives on the App Store alone.  Never, ever accept freemium as no excuse for a poorly made game ever.  You as a consumer and in my opinion have a right to a well made game regardless of how much it cost you.  It is your time and your $$.  You got that device in your hands to do whatever it is you want to do with it and if an app simply doesn’t hold up, then quit using it.  Quit supporting the company.

Ngmoco:) has earned its place in the Tower of Darkness for being a greedy and terrible company.  If that wasn’t their intention, their actions speak otherwise. So next time you see an Ngmoco logo or a Plus+ logo, think twice, or even three times before spending your hard earned cash.

This has been my final thoughts on iOS Developer: Ngmoco:)

-King Isaac Linksr

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