August 2011 Update…

Hey guys, wow, gotta love me when I get on a ranting train of thought.  I thought I’d throw this last post in, just so you know I am not in a bad mood.  Simply put, Ngmoco put itself back on my radar with their latest moves and I couldn’t sit idly by. Its not in my nature, for better or worse.

So what have I been up to?  Currently in transition.  I’m getting ready for college next month, but I’m taking time off for a few weeks to clear my head, meet with a friend of mine who lives a state away and just relax for a few weeks.  Not sure if I’ll be blogging at all during my little vacation, but I’ll certainly be on Twitter for a good chunk of it :).  I’ll be talking about what college and such in a later blog post.

Otherwise, despite a few frustrations its been a solid end to the month it seems.  I’ll be done with summer classes this week and moving a few weeks after.  Its pretty apparent I’m tired though and this vacation will be really great for me to recharge.   I never got the chance after doing a full year of schooling with some crappy jobs and then transition into part time student with “full time” job this summer.  So I’m very happy to be getting a break.

On a more secretive note, I am actually fairly close to an idea on a Let’s Play video series.  I’ll just say it has something to do with a 2D game 🙂 ;).  I’m not saying what it is because I still have to do some more tests and check that I can do the idea I’m thinking of.  One of my major problems to making a LP series is my CPU simply isn’t powerful enough to handle the game and fraps running at the same time.  If it had, I might have made a really good Dead Space one…but alas, such is life.  I’d love to get a new, more powerful i7 core processor to replace this aging duo-core-two one but that will set me back approximately $500-600 because I would need to replace the motherboard too with something that is rated for an i7.  And as it is, I don’t have a spare $500+ for something like this.  But I’m hopeful my new idea will work out so I’ll manage the best I can :).

Oh and no, I haven’t forgotten about the STALKER files.  I do have a Part 03 in my head, I just haven’t gotten around to writing it and I’ve been on pause from the game while I finish my schooling this summer.  I will probably write it up in a week or so.  :).

Otherwise, I hope you all are well this fine week, enjoy the posts I made and I will be seeing you later!

-King Isaac Linksr

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