Thoughts on Latest AVWW Blog: AVVW #13 – Beta Gameplay Footage Part One…

I’m back again, comments on the latest post by Chris M. Park about A Valley Without Wind, the video game coming to PC later this year.  To read his post and watch the video, click on this link.

After 29 weeks in the development cycles, AVWW is definitely coming along and I’m glad to finally see a gameplay video after all this time.  So where to start?  Well, lets talk about the overall look of the world.

The characters are really coming along.  The animations are also matching up better so I’m glad that you’ve conquered that part of the game by the looks of it.  The new Skelebot is also something interesting to see.    The jump by the female character reminded me of Samus.  :).  But it is all shaping up to look very nicely by BETA.

I also hope that isn’t the animation we are getting for all actions, (mining, shooting spells, etc)  I would like a little more variance than just that pose.

The environments are really starting to look neat.  Distinctive, deep and very pretty.  I cannot wait to see how it turns out in-game.  Although I think that the caverns are a tad dark, just a thought.

Maps: I am liking the mini-map  in the top right corner and it seems functional enough.  Glad to see that we know which doors we have and have not explored because by the look of it all, its a rather complex dungeon to travel through.  The big dungeon map is intimidating by the looks of it and after some explanation on your video I was able to get it.  Though I’m concerned about it maybe not being informative enough from a glance.  But I can’t really say what would help fix that, other than maybe “markers” on the map to help keep you “grounded” on where you are just from a glance.

Clearly, we do not have enough bats in gaming.  (Thinks of Terraria…)  😉  Was amused at the boss being stuck on that one chunk of land.  I hope this isn’t a problem too often?…

Audio wise:

The sound made when picking something up just grates/bugs my ears.  I really can’t say why, but it just does.  Also makes my teeth sore too.

Music is awesome, but we already knew that because Pablo is awesome ;).

In regards to the blog post, I am glad that XP is not gained from smaller monsters.  I don’t need yet another spam-for-xp-to-win game so I’m good with that.  It will be intriguing to see how bosses play out.  I just hope there is enough variety in the big bosses to be memorable.

Also glad to hear that you’ve managed to make the game upgrade friendly, though I figured you would.

Also fine with the portals.  If we had to backtrack each time just based on that fastforward, I would probably go nuts ;).

Final Thoughts:

Video was long overdue and I’m glad to finally see it.  What you’ve built so far is fairly basic (though it is the beginning so no real problem) but the potential of the game is looking high, I just hope it lives up to expectation.   The gameplay is something I look forward to looking at in BETA and you’ve really started showing a mature game so I just can’t wait to see what you guys at Arcen put out.  Keep up the great work!

-King Isaac Linksr

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