Thoughts on Latest AVWW Blog Post: WIP Screenshots of AVWW Crafting Workbenches

Just my short thoughts on latest blog post released by Chris on A Valley Without Wind.  Pretty short today, but its something to look at :).

So let me just put this picture in…

*30mins pass*……..wha what?  Oh right, I got sucked into the graphics again.  What is it about this game’s graphics that just looks so pretty?  I mean, that giant skeleton…wowsers….  Anyway, Chris basically talks about the art behind the new crafting benches and such.  He also discusses four out of nine kinds of workbenches in the blog.  Overall, its interesting and the look of the benches is also different.  How it all meshes together will be the key.  And a good crafting system will also be important so that everytime we see these workbenches, we don’t groan.  😉  I really can’t say much as this is more of a playing-in-BETA-conversation.

This is mostly a visual blog post so there really is not much to talk about, just take a look (preferably at Chris’ post) and drink it in :).

Have a great day everyone!

-King Isaac Linksr

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