Thoughts on Latest AVWW Blog: “A Few New AVWW WIP Screenshots: Rhinos, Crafting, And Early Dungeon Maps”

If that isn’t the longest title I’ve had yet, I’ll eat my socks. Yep, back again with another tear-apart-Chris’-Blog-Post Time.  🙂  Found here. If your wondering why I’m doing these blog posts, its to raise awareness of this game as best I can in a unique way.  🙂

I just have to say this off the top of my head yet again, this game looks visually gorgeous from these Alpha views we get to see of it.  I do not know why that is.  I mean, sure, Tidalis was a great looking game in its own rights, AIW…eh, I didn’t care about anything more than explosions (which imo should be, “enhanced” 😉 but this game, something about the visuals of it just really draw my attention.  I fear I might stare more at the graphics than at the gameplay itself!  Take a look at this: Picture (helps if you have it on the biggest screen possible) and tell me it is not pretty.  Maybe its just the depth of the graphics, the colorizings, I don’t know.  It just…sucks me in.  Which is fantastic too, because if they didn’t, I have a feeling this game would be harder for me to play.  Still, with pretty graphics you need a good gameplay core, right?  So enough waxing on about the graphics, lets get into the blog post itself.

The refinements for the world map are interesting, but have no real comment on it until I experience it in BETA.

The mini-map is, again, interesting, but with what little was displayed on it and lack of being able to try it out, makes it difficult to have any thoughts on it.  Though the brown color is something less-than desired ;). Though I’m glad we can play around with it and scale it as desired and that its not just stuck on the screen in one certain way.

Rhinos o_O, I did not see Rhinos coming, but not a bad idea.  🙂  Should be interesting fighting a herd of those.

Its really about time we saw platforms and what you talked about seems to be adequate enough. If I had to say anything, its perhaps making them a little more visible?

As for crafting, I have a few things to say.  I am glad we won’t need a wiki to craft stuff.  I’ve never been too big a fan of games with overly complicated crafting systems when it can be done in a few simple steps.  Having to look up a wiki every time you need to make something just drags the game down, though I can’t quite remember the last game I played with a bad crafting system, probably because I’ve been avoiding them like the plague ;).  One concern is whether the system you have setup with be able to handle this giant (and progressive) world your trying to create.  Another is whether this will keep crafting interesting enough or just eventually devolve into busy work we have to do every once in a while. Otherwise, the UI seems good enough.

No comment on research or the actual crafting.  (lack of info for that reason)

*Is amused by odd darkness bug ;)*

I am intrigued by your idea of the dungeon map, but that placeholder gives me nothing to work off of for now.  😉

The cross-connections also make me intrigued by what you have planned here.

I think another reason I’m excited for this game is because it is reminding me so much of the Metroid games (not including the 3D ones).  True, I’m not some geared-up heroine in a space suit killing lots of aliens, but something about this game reminds me of the appeal that those games once had and could possibly have again =).

Thanks for your visibility on this game, it just gets me more and more excited about this game.  Eagerly awaiting, I am 🙂

-King Isaac Linksr

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