Another day in the life of…


A bit long overdue for this kind of post I think.  Life is going on and I’m actually not hurting too badly for it.  I’m actually doing rather well, I’m busy with a better paying job (well, to be honest, a job that actually pays me on time), so despite a certain setback, the future is looking a little better now.  College is fast approaching, but so far I’m keeping ahead of the work load (and paperwork).  Still in school too for this term, which is difficult.  I’m only going part time, but to do any studying during your “break”, as it were, is still hard.  I’ve actually been planning out a bit of a vacation before I go back to full time college student though, so that will give me a chance to unwind fully before the storm arrives.

While not all is sunshine, I’m rather happy with how well my blog is clicking along.  I’ve got so many ideas for blog posts, I’m way behind now.  Which is great, it means I’ll always have something to write about.  I do this really for my own enjoyment and am rather happy that anyone is viewing this blog at all.  And hey, if you get some sort of enjoyment out of it, great :).

On a more gaming note, I am obviously playing STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl along with Team Fortress 2 and UFO.  Well, actually its a multiplayer version of XCOM that a friend of mine found.  Yeah, the same XCOM from way back when before I was even born.  Despite kicking his butt early on, I’m currently finding myself on the getting whacked with a hammer.  A giant, alien hammer that tears mercilessly into my troops :(.  Where are the nukes in this game when you need them….

Though with college preparations as of late, gaming has taken a backseat.  I’m playing TF2 just for some multiplayer shoot-em-up action and thanks to the Free-To-Play model Valve went last month.  Its a fun game to get sucked into and unwind. 🙂  Mobile-wise, I’m just playing the With Friends game, Airport Mania and Robotek HD.  Sure, this all sounds like a lot of games, but I tend to cycle through them on a daily basis to keep things interesting and the amount of time I play really varies from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on how busy I am. How about you, what games are you enjoying right now?

Finally, my weight-losing-plan reached a new level this week with cardio workouts.  Some program called “Insanity” that I’m doing with my brother and friend.  Really makes you sweat.  And I lost a shirt size already thanks to all this exercising, (as I know its not my diet plan yet ;)) so that made my week too.

All in all, its still a rollercoaster, but its one I’ve managed to get a grip on for the moment.  How long this holds is anyone’s guess, but lets enjoy the days, ok?  Hope your week is going excellently and thanks for reading!

-King Isaac Linksr

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